Unleash War in Ancient Egypt with Total War: Pharaoh's Early Access and Pre-Order Bonuses

Unleash War in Ancient Egypt with Total War: Pharaoh's Early Access and Pre-Order Bonuses

Total War: Pharaoh, the epic strategy game set in the Bronze Age, has just been revealed! Pre-order to receive amazing bonuses and access the game early Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt and fight to shape the future of the region Don't miss out on this exciting new release!

Total War: Pharaoh has just been announced with exciting news for gamers. The game will take players back to the Bronze Age during the events of the end of the Egyptian New Kingdom. With the fate of the region at stake, players will have the opportunity to wage war and define its future.

Total War has long been known for its impressive array of strategy games. Since its inception in 2000 with Shogun: Total War, the British studio Creative Assembly has produced over a dozen titles, each with their own unique settings and stories. From Ancient Rome to the Napoleonic Wars, Total War has consistently delivered captivating gameplay and engaging experiences for its fans.

Players who pre-order Total War: Pharaoh, set to release on Steam and the Epic Games Store in October 2023, will receive two exclusive cosmetics packages: the Avatar of the Gods Cosmetic Pack and the Heart of the Shardana Cosmetic Pack. However, the real perk is getting access to the Early Access Weekend, where players can try out the game's early access version during an unspecified weekend.

The game takes place during the end of the Bronze Age, a time of full-blown collapse where several kingdoms are fighting for survival. The story centers around Egypt, the Hittite Empire, and Canaan, with players taking on the role of the new Pharaoh who must navigate the chaos within their kingdom.

Total War: Pharaoh promises to deliver epic dynamic turn-based tactics battles that not only feature tactical combat but also dramatic shifts in weather. From fires bursting out in camps to mighty sandstorms that may obstruct the battle, the game will keep players on their toes. Along with this, players will have several options to customize their campaigns, ensuring that no game will ever be the same. They can tweak the difficulty level of the war to suit their preferences.

This game will take the Total War series to the farthest point in history. While the previous game, Total War Saga: Troy, was set in the mythical Greek city during the famous Trojan War, Total War: Pharaoh takes the player back even further in time. It is a refreshing change of pace after several titles set in Rome and the Middle Ages. However, only time will tell if it will go down in history as one of the best Total War games ever.

Total War: Pharaoh will be out for PC in October 2023.