Understanding the Silent Rift: Jeremy Madix Reveals the Reason Behind the Estrangement from Sister Ariana Madix

Understanding the Silent Rift: Jeremy Madix Reveals the Reason Behind the Estrangement from Sister Ariana Madix

Delving into the heartfelt confession by Jeremy Madix to Us Weekly, shedding light on the lingering separation between him and his beloved sister Ariana Madix.

Jeremy Madix and ariana madix

Jeremy Madix and ariana madix

Jeremy Madix and Ariana Madix. Courtesy of Ariana Madix/Instagram

Jeremy Madix is sharing the reason why he hasn't been in touch with his sister, Ariana Madix, for several months.

In an exclusive interview with We on Friday, March 29, Jeremy clarified that his decision to not speak to his sister is unrelated to his relationship with Tom Sandoval. He explained that the main reason for the lack of communication is his need to support his fiancée.

Jeremy explained that the rift between him and his sister, Ariana, was caused by interactions with his fiancée, Rachael. He mentioned that there have been small microaggressive gestures towards Rachael, which led to their estrangement. Jeremy shared that the situation had been ongoing for some time, and they had been trying to overlook it. However, he felt torn between supporting his sister and choosing to stand by the person he plans to spend the rest of his life with.

Jeremy is unsure about what caused the supposed disconnect between Ariana and his fiancée. He mentioned, "I feel like no one can really pinpoint why that was going on." Jeremy describes Ariana as a sweet and kind girl whom he loves dearly. He explains that the issues were not always obvious and could be subtle things that not everyone would notice.

Earlier this month, Jeremy surprised fans of Vanderpump Rules by revealing on a podcast that he had not been in contact with Ariana. He has since clarified the timeline of events.

"I messaged her in December expressing my love and hoping to chat soon. Unfortunately, she never opened or replied to my message, so I decided to reach out again."

Jeremy Madix and ariana madix

Jeremy Madix and ariana madix

Courtesy of Ariana Madix/Instagram

Despite these difficulties, Jeremy is confident that he and Ariana will get to a better place.

He expressed his desire to hear from her, mentioning that he understands she is busy but misses her and wants to stay in touch. He emphasized his support for her endeavors and achievements.

He then reflected on their close relationship, highlighting that she is not only his sister but also someone who has taken care of him since he was a baby. He described her as his protector and expressed his hope to strengthen their bond even more in the future.

Jeremy is confident that he can reconcile with Ariana. He believes that they both struggle with communicating their feelings, so they need to have a genuine and honest conversation.

Jeremy also discussed his current relationship with Tom Sandoval. They were on good terms until news of Sandoval's affair with Rachel "Raquel" Leviss came out in March 2023. This led to Sandoval and Ariana breaking up, causing Sandoval to be estranged from most of their friend group.

Jeremy shared with Us that he doesn't believe he and Tom can ever go back to being friends like before. He mentioned that he will always support his sister. Jeremy expressed his desire to address some issues with Tom, as he felt that Tom did something very hurtful to him and his family that needs to be discussed.

Even though Jeremy is not currently talking to Ariana, he praised her accomplishments and success following the scandal.

"I always have my sister's back. I love her a lot. I am thrilled and proud of her for turning a bad situation into something good," he shared with Us. "I will always fully support her in everything she does. I am looking forward to what the future holds for her. That's all."

Since his appearance on the popular Bravo show, Jeremy has also expanded his career.

"I run my own consulting firm where I help small restaurants and bars with business development, marketing, content creation, and social media," he shared. "I divide my time between San Diego and West Hollywood. I have a house in San Diego and an apartment in West Hollywood. I work hard and long hours, but I'm happy and doing well. I just miss my sister."

We have contacted Ariana's representative for a comment.

Editor's P/S:

Jeremy Madix's estrangement from his sister, Ariana Madix, stems from microaggressive behaviors towards his fiancée, Rachael. Despite attempts to overlook these gestures, Jeremy felt compelled to stand by Rachael, causing a rift between him and Ariana. While the exact reasons for the disconnect remain unclear, Jeremy expresses his love for his sister and hopes for reconciliation. He acknowledges her accomplishments and remains supportive of her endeavors.

Jeremy's relationship with Tom Sandoval has also been affected by the affair scandal, leading to estrangement and unresolved issues. Jeremy emphasizes his unwavering support for Ariana and his desire to address the hurtful actions committed by Sandoval. Despite the challenges, Jeremy remains optimistic about the future and his ability to reconnect with his sister. necessary to bridge the gap. The article also touches upon the fallout from Tom Sandoval's affair with Raquel Leviss, which has further strained relationships within the group. Jeremy's decision to support his sister over his former friend reflects the strength of family bonds and the importance of standing up for those we love.