Travis Kelce Excited for 'Grotesquerie' Role in Ryan Murphy Show, Compares Experience to Feeling Like a Jabroni

Travis Kelce Excited for 'Grotesquerie' Role in Ryan Murphy Show, Compares Experience to Feeling Like a Jabroni

Travis Kelce hints at a significant part in Ryan Murphy's upcoming FX horror series, 'Grotesquerie,' likening the filming experience to being a Jabroni.

Travis Kelce Teases Big Role in Ryan Murphy Show

Travis Kelce Teases Big Role in Ryan Murphy Show

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Travis Kelce, known for his success on the football field, is now trying his hand at acting. He recently landed a major role in Ryan Murphy's new TV show.

During a podcast episode on Wednesday, May 15, the 34-year-old Kelce expressed his feelings of being a newcomer in the acting world. Despite feeling like a beginner, he humorously mentioned that he hasn't been fired yet, indicating that things are going well for him.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Kelce has joined the cast of the new FX horror series, Grotesquerie, created by American Horror Story creator Murphy. Although Kelce did not reveal much about the series, he did mention that it is a "cool and unique show."

Kelce expressed, "The name itself hints at the mystery of the show. Being on set has been a blast, every scene has been so much fun to be a part of."

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is not sure how many episodes he will be in. However, he mentioned, "Right now, I'm just taking it scene by scene and making sure I remember my lines. Like I said, I'm very amateur at this."

Kelce, who is new to the industry, mentioned that there have been some surprises in the job.

The transition from being outside of the acting world to getting into it involves being more in tune with scenes. It's important to not just focus on memorizing lines, but to truly immerse yourself in the scene with your fellow actors. Kelce emphasized the importance of taking the scene from one point to the next while accurately portraying its meaning.

Kelce mentioned that he has enjoyed exploring this aspect with Murphy and his costars, such as Niecy Nash Betts. He finds it to be a delightful challenge at this moment.

Jason Kelce, the brother of Travis, shared a story about asking Miles Teller at Super Bowl LVIII about how he chooses his next role. Teller emphasized the importance of the script, as well as the directors, writers, and producers involved in the project.

Travis expressed his excitement and gratitude towards Murphy for offering him a significant role in the show. He was impressed by Murphy's confidence in him and appreciated the assurance he received during their initial conversation. Murphy, known for successful projects like Glee and Nip/Tuck, made Travis feel valued and supported in his role.

Travis chuckled, "I hope I don't mess this up for him. Everything seems to be going smoothly, and I am really grateful for this opportunity. There are probably actors out there who would love to work with Ryan, and I'm getting to do it for my very first job. It's pretty special and really cool."

Editor's P/S:

Travis Kelce, renowned for his football prowess, is now venturing into the world of acting, joining the cast of Ryan Murphy's "Grotesquerie." While acknowledging his inexperience, Kelce expresses enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity. The article highlights his newfound appreciation for the art of acting, emphasizing the importance of immersing oneself in scenes and conveying emotions effectively. Kelce's transition from the football field to the acting world is a testament to his adaptability and willingness to explore new challenges.

It is intriguing to note that Miles Teller's advice on choosing roles resonates with Travis Kelce's approach. Both emphasize the significance of considering the script, directors, and overall production team. This suggests that Kelce is taking his acting career seriously and is invested in selecting projects that align with his aspirations and values. His eagerness to learn and collaborate with experienced actors like Niecy Nash Betts further demonstrates his dedication to honing his craft. Overall, the article provides insights into Kelce's journey as a newcomer in the entertainment industry and his determination to succeed in this new endeavor.