The Ultimate Showdown: Cobra Kai's Epic Rivalry Unveils a 30-Year Clash Between Daniel and Johnny

The Ultimate Showdown: Cobra Kai's Epic Rivalry Unveils a 30-Year Clash Between Daniel and Johnny

Cobra Kai sets the stage for an epic Daniel vs Johnny rivalry spanning 30 years, introducing Anthony and Kenny as potential successors As Miguel and Robby differ from their predecessors, Anthony and Kenny hold the potential to lead a future Cobra Kai sequel series


The rivalry between Daniel and Johnny is the driving force of the show, making it difficult for other characters to replace or recreate their dynamic.

Anthony and Kenny possess the potential to emulate the dynamic of Daniel and Johnny, given their ever-changing balance of power and the underlying formation of a riveting rivalry.

In contrast, the rivalry between Miguel and Robby cannot be equated with that of Daniel and Johnny, as it stems from jealousy and has transformed into a bond of friendship rather than a deep-rooted conflict.

Only one new Cobra Kai rivalry has the potential to surpass the iconic karate feud between Daniel and Johnny. Throughout its first season, Cobra Kai not only introduced conflicts between new characters but also rekindled old disagreements. However, nearly all of these rivalries originated from Daniel and Johnny's unresolved childhood issues, making their dispute the central driving force behind the show's storyline. Considering the significant role their animosity has played in the franchise, it is highly unlikely that any other characters could effectively replace or replicate it.

Nevertheless, if the franchise were to continue or take an extended hiatus before returning in a few years, it would require a fresh conflict between characters to propel the storyline. With the friction between Daniel and Johnny in Cobra Kai nearly resolved and the two now on the same side, the revival of the franchise would need to focus on two other individuals. Fortunately, Cobra Kai has already established a compelling rivalry that, although not as intense or captivating as Daniel and Johnny's, has the potential to evolve and capture viewers' interest if executed properly.

Anthony & Kenny Can Be Cobra Kai's Next Daniel & Johnny

The Ultimate Showdown: Cobra Kai's Epic Rivalry Unveils a 30-Year Clash Between Daniel and Johnny

Since Kenny's arrival in Cobra Kai, the power dynamic between him and Anthony has been constantly shifting. This could potentially make them the next Daniel and Johnny. Similar to Daniel, Kenny was once the new kid on the block who tried to avoid trouble. However, Anthony and his group of bullies targeted Kenny, leading him to join Cobra Kai after being directed by Robby. Just like Daniel, Kenny displayed natural talent and rapidly improved in karate. Eventually, he turned the tables on his bullies and became a bully himself.

Kenny's transformation into a villain triggered Anthony's own karate journey. Constantly bullied by Kenny, Anthony started training at Miyagi Do in Cobra Kai season 4 and showed great potential. With more training and experience, there is a possibility that he could eventually challenge Kenny in a showdown. Although Kenny currently surpasses Anthony in skill, Anthony's intelligence could serve as an advantage for his rise in the ranks as a fighter. Both fighters possess significant potential, making it difficult to imagine anyone else but them taking Daniel and Johnny's place in future installments of the franchise.

Miguel & Robby Aren't Anything Like Daniel & Johnny

The Ultimate Showdown: Cobra Kai's Epic Rivalry Unveils a 30-Year Clash Between Daniel and Johnny

Miguel and Robby had no personal issues before entering the world of karate. It was their involvement in karate that led to their rivalry. Robby's envy of his father's attention towards another child his age ignited the feud. In frustration, Robby began learning Mr. Miyagi's karate under the guidance of Daniel LaRusso. Unlike Johnny and Daniel, who had different karate timelines, Robby and Miguel started their karate journeys around the same time.

Both Robby and Miguel initially embraced karate as more than just a combat skill. Their paths shared similarities in their approach to the martial art. However, Daniel and Johnny's journeys differed, as Daniel was consumed by his rivalry and Johnny lacked the right mentors to teach him karate's true value. After multiple fights, Robby and Miguel managed to set aside their animosity and become friends, leaving their grudges behind. It took Johnny and Daniel decades to find common ground and establish a truce. Without a shared adversary, they would have remained enemies.

Anthony & Kenny Can Lead A Cobra Kai Sequel Series (But Not Yet)

The Ultimate Showdown: Cobra Kai's Epic Rivalry Unveils a 30-Year Clash Between Daniel and Johnny

Anthony and Kenny have the potential to be the main characters in a future Cobra Kai sequel. However, the franchise cannot rush into this storyline. Similar to how Cobra Kai took place many years after the Karate Kid's story, it would be necessary for the sequel to wait several decades or at least a few years in order to explore the long-term consequences of Anthony and Kenny's rivalry. While it may not be able to recreate the journey of Johnny and Daniel, the conflict between Anthony and Kenny could be an interesting foundation for another captivating Cobra Kai spin-off story.