Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Address Romance Speculations in 'SNL' Monologue

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Address Romance Speculations in 'SNL' Monologue

Sydney Sweeney takes a stand to dispel any lingering rumors about her alleged romantic relationship with 'Anyone But You' co-star Glen Powell during their 'SNL' monologue.

Sydney Sweeney wants to make it clear that there is no truth to the rumors about her and her co-star Glen Powell from "Anyone But You."

During her monologue as a first-time host on "Saturday Night Live," Sweeney addressed the rumors circulating about her supposed affair with Powell while they were filming together.

"That's definitely not true," she disagreed. The actress from "Euphoria" revealed that she worked on the romantic comedy alongside her fiancé, businessman Jonathan Davino, whom she has been engaged to since 2022. She mentioned that he was always on set during the production.

"I want to share with everyone that he is the man I've always dreamed of, and our relationship is going strong," she announced, making the audience swoon.

She playfully mentioned that Davino was there to cheer her on, but when she called for the cameras to show him, Powell unexpectedly popped up on screen, sitting in the Studio 8H audience with a shy smile.

(From left) Andrew Dismukes, Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney on 'SNL.'

(From left) Andrew Dismukes, Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney on 'SNL.'

(From left) Andrew Dismukes, Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney on 'SNL.'

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Sweeney clarified that Powell is not her fiancé but reassured the audience that Davino is hanging out backstage in her dressing room.

In a later sketch during the episode, the star of "Top Gun: Maverick" made an appearance, swooping in to rescue Sweeney's character from a cringeworthy date.

Powell and Sweeney showcased their great chemistry back in April at CinemaCon in Las Vegas while presenting the trailer for "Anyone But You." This led to speculation on social media about a possible romantic connection in real life as they playfully interacted with each other during the event.

"Anyone But You" hit theaters in December. The movie tells the story of a couple, played by Sweeney and Powell, who have ups and downs in their relationship. They find themselves having to pretend to be a happy couple at a destination wedding in Australia.

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Editor's P/S:

Sydney Sweeney's straightforward denial of the rumors surrounding her and Glen Powell during her "SNL" monologue was a refreshing display of honesty and professionalism. Her assurance that she is happily engaged to her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, and his constant presence during filming effectively puts the speculation to rest. It is commendable that Sweeney chose to address the rumors head-on, demonstrating her commitment to her relationship and her integrity as an actress.

The appearance of Glen Powell in the audience, while initially surprising, served as a humorous nod to the rumors while also highlighting the playful chemistry between the two actors. Powell's cameo in a later sketch further showcased their ability to work together effectively and professionally, despite the unfounded rumors. Overall, Sweeney's handling of the situation was both mature and entertaining, effectively dispelling the unfounded gossip while maintaining the integrity of her personal and professional life.