Say Goodbye to Random File Explorer Pops on Windows 11

Say Goodbye to Random File Explorer Pops on Windows 11

Are you frustrated with Windows 11 randomly opening File Explorer? Don't worry, you're not alone Learn the reasons behind this issue and discover effective solutions to stop it from happening again

Say Goodbye to Random File Explorer Pops on Windows 11

Have you ever experienced a sudden File Explorer window popping up on your screen while you were browsing the web, watching a video, or playing a game? It can be unnerving and make you wonder if your computer has been compromised by a hacker. But before you start panicking, there's a simple explanation for this unexpected occurrence.

Microsoft released the Windows 11 22H2 update in September 2022, and it was made available as a general update for all users in January 2023. Among the many new features in 2H22 is the addition of tabs in File Explorer.

Say Goodbye to Random File Explorer Pops on Windows 11

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However, some users have reported an unpatched bug affecting their Windows 11 machines, including the latest build 22621.1413. This issue specifically affects File Explorer and has caused frustration for many users, myself included.

We use the term "haunting" to describe a unique bug that creates the impression that someone is tampering with your computer in a startling manner. Unlike other bugs which may result in a system crash, inefficient allocation, or excessive use of resources, this bug is different in that it causes a jump-scare experience.

While you are busy doing something on your Windows 11 computer, such as browsing the internet or playing a game, a File Explorer pane may suddenly appear in the foreground, seemingly out of nowhere.

At first glance, it may appear as if someone is attempting to open a folder on your computer. However, this is actually a window focus bug that is triggered by something unknown, causing an open File Explorer window to be brought to the forefront of your screen.

As of April 2023, the trigger for the Windows 11 22H2 explorer focus steal bug remains unclear. Despite numerous discussions on various online forums, including Reddit and Windows troubleshooting forums, frustrated users are still unable to find a definitive answer. Even Windows Latest covered the issue back in January 2023, and the bug continues to persist on some systems to this day. While some users experience the bug at a consistent time each day, others experience it randomly. Despite attempts to disable certain features, there is no clear solution as some users report that disabling certain features did not resolve the issue.


If you're tired of losing in video games because of the File Explorer focus-stealing bug, there are two simple workarounds you can try until a patch is released. Firstly, you can close File Explorer when you're not using it actively. This will prevent the bug from opening a new File Explorer window and stealing the focus. Secondly, you can opt for an alternative Windows file manager like OneCommander to avoid the bug altogether. While this may seem like overkill for some, it's a viable solution for those who are annoyed by the bug. Additionally, you may want to check out other super-charged alternatives to built-in Windows apps while you're at it.