Revamped Windows 11 Widgets: Enhanced User Experience

Revamped Windows 11 Widgets: Enhanced User Experience

Windows 11's widgets are receiving continuous enhancements with each update, providing users with an improved desktop experience Expect even more improvements in the near future

Windows 11 has reintroduced widgets to its desktop operating system and continues to improve their functionality with each update. The latest Insider Preview build, 25232, brings a refined widget selector to the table. Unlike the current widget selector, which is quite basic, the new selector provides a preview of the widget you are about to add to the widget panel. It has been relocated to the left side of the screen, and at the bottom, you can find a “Find more widgets” button that will take you to the Microsoft Store, where you can download additional apps that have widgets.

The current widget selector only displays a plain list of available widgets and allows you to pin them by clicking on the plus sign next to each one. The new selector is a significant upgrade, as it makes the process of previewing and pinning widgets much more user-friendly.

This renewed widget selector is currently available for Insiders, and it will likely roll out to the stable version of Windows within the next weeks or months.

Source: Microsoft