'Producers' Affection for Raquel Leviss Remains Undeterred Despite Negative Assertions'

'Producers' Affection for Raquel Leviss Remains Undeterred Despite Negative Assertions'

'Vanderpump Rules' producers express continued admiration for Raquel Leviss despite her recent negative comments, revealing their shock at her portrayal of her experience on the show

'Producers' Affection for Raquel Leviss Remains Undeterred Despite Negative Assertions'

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Raquel Leviss had tons of issues with her time on Vanderpump Rules — which came as a shock to producers.

At the BravoCon panel titled "Spilling Vanderpump Tea With Bravo Producers," executive producers Alex Baskin, Jeremiah Smith, Natalie Neurauter, and Sheonna Mix discussed Raquel's reasons for not wanting to return for season 11. Sheonna expressed her initial enthusiasm about collaborating with 29-year-old Raquel on her season 10 storyline.

“Heading into this past season, we were filled with anticipation for her. Her long-term relationship with James Kennedy had consumed most of her adult life, and as viewers, we witnessed the toxicity of that relationship. We were genuinely excited for her to break free and discover her true self, without the weight of being defined as James' girlfriend."

Even though Raquel has chosen to step away from reality TV, Sheonna assured that the production crew still holds genuine care for her. She expressed, "I understand that certain things were said, but I want to emphasize that our team has supported and cared for her since she first joined us as a student on set. We still hold a deep affection for her. To be honest, I'm not sure where some of those unfavorable comments originated from."

Raquel joined the popular Bravo series in season 5 and became a main cast member four seasons later. Her storyline mainly revolved around her relationship with James, who she split from in 2021. During season 10, Raquel made headlines for having an affair with Tom Sandoval, which led to the end of his long-term romance with Ariana Madix.

Following the reunion filming in March, where the drama was addressed, Raquel decided to seek professional help and checked herself into a mental health facility. After spending 90 days at the treatment center, she opened up about her mental state in a candid interview with Bethenny Frankel.

"In August, during an episode of the "ReWives" podcast, she expressed how reality TV often dangles a tempting proposition in front of participants - the opportunity to tell their side of the story. However, she admitted that the alternative - having their story written for them - was a terrifying prospect, which almost convinced her to return.

Raquel further revealed that her choice to not come back for season 11 stemmed from salary discussions. She claimed that Bravo denied her equal pay compared to Sandoval, 41, and Ariana, 38."

'Producers' Affection for Raquel Leviss Remains Undeterred Despite Negative Assertions'

(l-r) Raquel Leviss, Scheana Shay, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Schwartz, Lala Kent, James Kennedy and Katie Maloney Tommy Garcia/Bravo

"I requested that my pay be equal to that of Tom and Ariana, and asked for reimbursement of my treatment costs. However, they declined to provide me with equal compensation," she remarked. "I believe that the way you remunerate your employees reflects the level of appreciation you have for them."

At the BravoCon panel, executive producer Jeremiah emphatically expressed his lack of remorse regarding his past involvement with Raquel.

"I am extremely satisfied with how I treated and interacted with Raquel throughout her time on the show. No one supported or encouraged her more than I did during season 10," he expressed to the audience. "We celebrated her, so it is quite disheartening for her to now adopt this position."