Introducing Joan Vassos: The Inaugural Golden Bachelorette

Introducing Joan Vassos: The Inaugural Golden Bachelorette

Get ready for the much-anticipated premiere of 'The Golden Bachelorette' in fall 2024, following the triumph of Gerry Turner's season on 'The Golden Bachelor'. Join us as Joan Vassos takes the spotlight in this exciting journey of love and romance.


Joan Vassos Announced as 1st Golden Bachelorette

Joan Vassos Announced as 1st Golden Bachelorette

Joan Vassos. ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Two months after officially announcing The Golden Bachelorette, ABC has revealed the first leading lady for The Golden Bachelor spinoff: Joan Vassos.

Joan, 61, left Gerry Turner's season of The Golden Bachelor early to take care of her daughter who had just had a baby.

In February, the network revealed their next project after Gerry's season - The Golden Bachelorette. They announced that they will be casting for a "radiant woman's second shot at love in her golden years." The show is scheduled to premiere on Wednesdays in the fall of 2024.

OG Golden lead Gerry, who was 72 years old, captured the hearts of fans with his engagement to Theresa Nist on the finale episode that aired in November 2023. The episode drew in a whopping 6.1 million viewers, marking the highest Bachelor ratings in years. Despite the grand wedding ceremony that followed on live TV, Gerry and Theresa's marriage sadly only lasted three months.

During a joint interview on Good Morning America in April, Gerry shared, "Theresa and I have had many heartfelt conversations. After carefully evaluating our living situations, we have mutually agreed that it is time to end our marriage. One thing that stands out in our discussions is our dedication to our families. We both believe that it is best for our individual happiness to live separately."

The couple never officially moved in together, as confirmed by Us. Theresa mentioned that they explored homes in South Carolina and even considered New Jersey. They viewed numerous homes but never reached a point where they made a final decision.

Us broke the news that Gerry filed the legal paperwork to end their marriage on the same day of the GMA interview.

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The announcement of Joan Vassos as the lead for "The Golden Bachelorette" spinoff is an exciting development in the world of reality television. At 61 years old, Joan represents a departure from the traditional age range of contestants on "The Bachelor" franchise. Her experience as a mother and