Essentials of Marketing - McCarthy (PDF) Mua/Free Download

Essentials of Marketing - McCarthy (PDF) Mua/Free Download

Essentials of Marketing - The textbook is considered an alternative to Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler, for those who want to learn the basics of Marketing.

Essentials of Marketing 17th edition PDF

Essenstials of Marketing
A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach

Language: English (English)

Latest Edition: 17th

Book title translated into Vietnamese: Consumer behavior - Building a Marketing Strategy

Author: William D. Perreault, Joseph P. Cannon, E. Jerome McCarthy


Essenstials of Marketing is a textbook that can be seen as an alternative to Philip Kotler's Principles of Marketing, as the content of this textbook also discusses the basics of Marketing, helping readers have a A basic overview of the world of Marketing. The special thing that makes this textbook is because the knowledge is "mapped" in a methodical way, helping readers easily grasp and remember the problem.

Chapter 1: Value Marketing brings to consumers, businesses and society

Chapter 2:  Strategic planning in Marketing

Chapter 3: Assessing opportunities and changes in the business environment

Chapter 4: Focus on Marketing strategy by market segmentation and product positioning

Chapter 5: Consumers and consumer behavior

Chapter 6: Corporate customers and their consumption behavior

Chapter 7: Increase close conversions with Marketing information

Chapter 8: Core elements in planning a good product/service

Chapter 9: Product management and new product development

Chapter 10: Distribution and development of distribution systems

Chapter 11: Customer service in distribution and logistics

Chapter 12: Retail, wholesale and strategy building

Chapter 13: Promotion and Communication

Chapter 14: Personal Selling and Customer Service

Chapter 15: Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion

Chapter 16: Pricing objectives and pricing policy

Chapter 17: Pricing in the Global Business Environment

Chapter 18: Humanistic marketing in a world where consumer interests come first: Opportunities & challenges.


  • Business owners, managers, marketing people in businesses, stores, business establishments.
  • Students, students, trainees, lecturers in Marketing, business administration, international business at universities, colleges, intermediate schools, academies, educational centers.

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Essentials of Marketing 17th edition PDF

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Edition: 17th

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