Eccentric 'NPC' TikTok Star PinkyDoll Rakes in Mind-Blowing Fortune from Whimsical Livestreams

Eccentric 'NPC' TikTok Star PinkyDoll Rakes in Mind-Blowing Fortune from Whimsical Livestreams

Rapidly gaining fame, PinkyDoll, the 'NPC' TikTok sensation, rakes in astonishing earnings through her unconventional livestreams Uncover the secrets behind her extraordinary success and delve into the fascinating world of PinkyDoll's uniquely bizarre content


Fedha "PinkyDoll" Sinon has achieved great success on TikTok by assuming the role of a non-playable character (NPC) from a video game and responding to virtual gifts, generating earnings of up to $3,000 per livestream.

The trend of livestreaming as NPCs on TikTok is influenced by the culture surrounding video games and has become increasingly popular among content creators, including Cherry Crush and Satoyu727.

While some consider NPC streams as fetish content, others, such as Cherry Crush, argue that they are intended to be humorous rather than suggestive. This makes the trend comparatively harmless in comparison to other TikTok crazes.

Fedha "PinkyDoll" Sinon, a popular TikTok star, found a highly profitable niche by hosting peculiar livestreams. In these streams, she portrays a video game NPC and reacts to digital gifts sent by her viewers. She can make up to $3,000 per broadcast from this unconventional social media trend. Interestingly, this trend emerged shortly after TikTok banned WWE star Roman Reigns.

The ByteDance-developed social media app has sparked a multitude of globally popular memes since its launch in 2016. Many of these trends draw inspiration from video game culture, with some, such as the TikTok Koopa trend, being particularly unique. Another noteworthy trend within this category involves NPC livestreams, where content creators pretend to be non-playable characters and react to viewer-bought gifts. TikTok shares the revenue from these digital items with the content creators who receive them.

Sinon, a prominent NPC streamer, has recently gained significant attention, boasting over 612,000 followers on her PinkyDoll TikTok account as of July 2023. In an interview with The New York Times, the Canadian influencer disclosed that she earns between $2,000 and $3,000 for a single NPC livestream on TikTok. Combining her earnings from other social media accounts such as OnlyFans and Instagram, Sinon currently makes approximately $7,000 per day from these unconventional streams. While she draws inspiration from characters in Grand Theft Auto, Sinon admits that she struggles to define what video game NPCs truly are.

PinkyDoll is not the sole Internet personality profiting from NPC streams; both Ohio-based Cherry Crush and Japanese influencer Satoyu727 have also been effectively monetizing this type of content in recent months, gaining millions of subscribers across their social media platforms. The inspiration for this TikTok livestream format likely came from the popular trend known as "Tamagotchi girlfriends," which originated in the Far East.

While NPC streams are sometimes categorized as fetish content, not all the Internet personalities who have jumped on this trend agree with that classification. In a statement to the NYT, Cherry Crush clarified that her broadcasts are not intended to be "suggestive," but rather meant to be "funny."

In comparison to previous TikTok fads, the NPC streams trend appears relatively harmless, despite its peculiar content. Unlike the bucket prank incident that resulted in a woman needing medical attention a few months ago, these streams seem less risky and more innocuous.