TikTok accused of discrimination against Ed Sheeran doppelgänger

TikTok accused of discrimination against Ed Sheeran doppelgänger

Ty Jones, a lookalike of the famous singer Ed Sheeran, claimed that TikTok discriminated against him by suddenly banning his account He expressed feeling genuinely discriminated against and his allegations came shortly after ExoHydraX accused Twitch of discrimination for banning her due to her race and body type

Ed Sheeran impersonator Ty Jones has accused TikTok of discriminatory behavior after the platform allegedly banned him for his uncanny resemblance to the famous musician. Jones is just one of many professional lookalikes who have found success through social media, with platforms like TikTok providing a perfect avenue for building an audience and advertising their services. However, despite the growing demand for celebrity impersonators, TikTok seems to be hesitant to give them a platform. While some companies like Netflix actively seek out lookalikes, Jones' experience and that of others like him suggest that the social media giant may be more skeptical. Recently, hot tub streamer ExoHydraX also made similar claims against Twitch, alleging that the platform banned her for her race and body type. Discrimination in the digital space remains a significant issue, and it's vital that platforms take steps to ensure that all users are treated fairly.

Jones himself recently highlighted the fact that his TikTok account was banned for allegedly impersonating Ed Sheeran. However, the Manchester-based internet sensation refuted the claims, insisting that he always made it clear that he was not Ed Sheeran. In fact, he even titled his TikTok broadcasts "I'm not Ed Sheeran" in all caps. Despite his initial appeal being denied within minutes, Jones persisted and even reached out to Sheeran's team to clarify if they were involved in his ban, which they denied. The suspension left Jones feeling discriminated against due to his resemblance to Ed Sheeran, and with almost 110,000 followers at the time of his removal, Jones successfully appealed and had his account reinstated on May 19.

It seems that Jones was caught in the middle of TikTok's ongoing battle against malicious impersonators. Most social media platforms actively monitor and remove impersonators to maintain user trust. Twitter recently faced similar issues with Elon Musk impersonators causing chaos in response to changes in verification mechanisms.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a social media platform has caused problems for users in relation to Ed Sheeran. In late 2022, a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet song featuring Ed Sheeran resulted in numerous DMCA strikes on Twitch, leading to criticism aimed at both The Pokemon Company and the musician's record label.

Source: Ty Jones/TikTok