Discover Mylio Photos' Remarkable Breakthrough Update of the Year!

Discover Mylio Photos' Remarkable Breakthrough Update of the Year!

Discover the ultimate update from Mylio Photos, revolutionizing intuitive searching and effortless organization Don't miss out on the premium service at a remarkable 50% discount until Oct 31 Upgrade now!

Improving the Mylio Experience

is a convenient solution for securely storing your precious photos without the risk of losing them. Thanks to its cloud-free design, you won't have to worry about relying on a single device or the fear of losing a USB drive or microSD card. Since its launch in June 2022, Mylio Photos has gained a reputation for being user-friendly, and with the release of v24, it is further enhancing the overall user experience.

From v24 onwards, Mylio Photos ensures that its users continue to have access to free and premium, secure photo storage without the need for internet or cloud connectivity. However, the latest update brings along even more benefits for users. One exciting addition is the introduction of an AI-powered dynamic search feature in the newest version of Mylio Photos. Previously, photos could only be organized by date and as individual images. Now, the possibilities for categorization seem endless.

With the help of AI, the dynamic search feature creates more comprehensive indexes by analyzing face tags, photo metadata, GPS location, and optical character recognition (OCR). As soon as a photo is imported, the AI scans its content and metadata using SmartTags, enabling them to be organized into easily searchable folders. The implementation of QuickFilters allows users to search based on various criteria such as season, time of day, type of camera used, or even specific events. Want to locate those birthday photos from last year? The dynamic search feature can effortlessly retrieve any image that appears to be from a birthday party.

Discover Mylio Photos' Remarkable Breakthrough Update of the Year!

Introducing Mylio Photo

Spaces and Remote Control are here to enhance your organization options. Spaces allow you to create personalized folders for different categories in your library, decluttering your collection effectively. Whether it's for segregating work-related images or safeguarding confidential medical documents, Spaces can cater to your needs. Remote Control lets you edit permissions for individual Spaces, giving you full control over which Spaces are accessible from each Mylio-enabled device.

Keeping Mylio Cloud-Less with Drives

Sharing your memories just got easier with Shared Albums. With a focus on photo security, Mylio's latest version allows premium account holders to securely upload selected images to a dedicated web page that is not accessible to search engines. This page acts as a dynamic album, allowing you to effortlessly add new photos over time, while ensuring that only those with the designated link have access to its contents.

Mylio's main objective is to provide secure photo storage without relying on vulnerable cloud storage. In the latest version, premium Mylio Photos+ users can benefit from two additional Drives. Mylio Drive is stored on an encrypted server, which can only be accessed by devices linked to the user's account. iOS Drive Access allows users to convert their iOS device into an external drive for the photos associated with their Mylio Photos+ account.

Furthermore, Mylio has introduced Travel Drives, which are customizable external drives such as portable SSDs. These drives can automatically back up images and even utilize drives on a home network as a backup option.

Your Secure Photo Storage Solution

Discover Mylio Photos' Remarkable Breakthrough Update of the Year!

Mylio Photo

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Constantly in search of the most reliable photo storage software, we find it challenging to trust options like Apple Cloud due to their vulnerability to security breaches. However, Mylio Photos eliminates these security concerns altogether, regardless of whether you are a premium subscriber or utilizing the free service.

Previously, Mylio provided intelligent solutions for photo storage and organization. However, with the recent v24 update, these solutions have been enhanced with AI-powered searches, improved organization based on subjects, and the addition of secure sharable albums.

To maximize the benefits of Mylio Photos, subscribe to Mylio Photos+. Until October 31, Mylio is granting a 50% discount on the first year of its premium service, typically priced at $9.99 per month. With the premium package, you can enjoy media accessibility on all devices, automated backup to an unlimited number of devices, and enhanced protection against loss, theft, and disk failure.