Discover Hoda Kotb's Surprising Bedtime Routine for Daughter Hope That Had Unforeseen Consequences!

Discover Hoda Kotb's Surprising Bedtime Routine for Daughter Hope That Had Unforeseen Consequences!

Hoda Kotb shares how her recent bedtime routine for daughter Hope has unexpectedly turned into a major setback

Discover Hoda Kotb's Surprising Bedtime Routine for Daughter Hope That Had Unforeseen Consequences!

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Hoda Kotb’s bedtime routine for 4-year-old daughter Hope has backfired big time. 

On the October 9 episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna, Kotb, 59, revealed that her daughter, Hope, has a bedtime routine where she likes to have 'something special' before she sleeps. After Kotb leaves the room, she searches for an old bracelet to give to Hope. Initially, Kotb thought this would be a one-time occurrence, but her daughter now expects her to always find 'something special.' Recently, Hope even asked for a present that Kotb had never seen before, making her feel particularly desperate.

"You know what I did? Last night, I decided to repurpose an old, small Zippy earbud case by filling it with coins and some old plastic rings. I jokingly thought to myself, 'This is something special'," Kotb shared with laughter. Co-anchor Jenna Bush Hager, who has three children with her husband Henry Chase Hager, playfully commented that Kotb had started an "unfortunate" tradition.

When Jenna, who is 41 years old, suggested giving non-material gifts to their daughter Hope, Kotb immediately dismissed the idea. "I've tried giving her countless mantras and doing all those things, but it never works. She wants something tangible," she jokingly explained.

Kotb also acknowledged that her situation is likely to worsen when her 7-year-old daughter Hayley becomes aware of the routine, which will happen sooner rather than later. "I know this because she often questions, 'Why does Hope get something?' And not just anything, but something she has never seen before," she humorously remarked.

Kotb shares two daughters, Hayley and Hope, with her ex-partner Joel Schiffman. They ended their nine-year relationship in 2022. They adopted Hayley in 2017 and Hope in 2018. Kotb frequently shares anecdotes about her children while on air. Recently, she recounted bringing her daughters to her high school reunion.

"It was such a delight. And towards the end, I shared an anecdote about my late blooming experiences in high school and in life, emphasizing that the most wonderful things in my life occurred after the age of 50," disclosed Kotb, who is 59, on the October 2 episode of Today. "I also shared the joy of having my daughters after reaching the age of 50."

The enjoyable outing took place a few months after Hope's health scare. Following an extended absence from the NBC morning show in February and March, Kotb informed Today viewers that the 4-year-old had spent a few days in the ICU and over a week in the hospital."

The TV personality chose not to share the details of her daughter's health scare, but expressed her gratitude that her daughter is now back at home. She eagerly awaited this day and continues to closely monitor her daughter's condition. She is filled with joy.

Since then, the mother has been cherishing every moment with her daughters. In August, she announced that she will be releasing a book inspired by her youngest child, titled Hope Is a Rainbow. The book is based on her daughter, whom she had dreamed of and hoped for. The name of the book came to her naturally, and it serves as a reminder that hope can be found in every situation, no matter the challenges one faces.

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