Dakota Johnson Reveals Unbreakable Bond With BFF Riley Keough: A Soul Connection Like No Other

Dakota Johnson Reveals Unbreakable Bond With BFF Riley Keough: A Soul Connection Like No Other

Dakota Johnson reveals the profound bond she shares with BFF Riley Keough, describing their connection as a soulmate-like experience that formed during their teenage years

Dakota Johnson and Riley Keough's friendship has strengthened over time, as they have known each other for half of their lives.

According to Johnson, 33, in an interview with Vanity Fair published on Tuesday, August 8, meeting Keough, 34, in an In-N-Out parking lot at the age of 16 felt like finding a soulmate. Growing up in a famous family, Johnson found it challenging to express her feelings, but her bond with Keough provided a sense of solidarity and understanding that was indescribable.

Like Keough, Johnson shares the experience of having their famous parents and grandparents recognized by everyone at school. Johnson's parents are Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, and her grandmother is Tippi Hedren. Similarly, Keough's parents are Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough, and her grandparents are Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley.

Dakota mentioned that Griffith, aged 66, and the late Lisa Marie were very supportive of their daughters' growing friendship. "We would hang out with our moms, smoking cigarettes together. They would call each other and say, 'I guess she's staying with you for the next four days. Let me know if she needs a ride,'" Dakota reminisced. "I would go to Riley's place and then leave a week later. I'm not sure if this is typical, but we would run around L.A., share clothes, and have the scent of Nag Champa. Most of our adventures involved going to music festivals and dating musicians, of course."

Dakota Johnson Reveals Unbreakable Bond With BFF Riley Keough: A Soul Connection Like No Other

Alicia Vikander, Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson and Riley Keough. Courtesy of Riley Keough/Instagram

Riley is currently being nominated for an Emmy for her outstanding performance in Daisy Jones & The Six. However, Dakota insists that she was the one who first recognized Riley's musical talent.

"At the age of 19, we formed a playful band called Folky Porn," reminisced Dakota. "Both Riley and I had blonde hair, seeking refuge in New York following our breakups. We enthusiastically sang three-part harmonies alongside my brother, Alexander, on beloved tracks by Hank Williams and John Prine. We even recorded numerous takes using Photo Booth."

Riley confessed that if given the opportunity, she would choose to go on tour with Folky Porn over The Six, even though those videos may have been lost over time.

Zoë Kravitz, the sole offspring of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, is not the only well-known friend that Riley has encountered through familial ties. The pair have maintained a close relationship since their infancy, as confirmed by Zoë.

Zoë shared with the magazine her admiration for Riley's unwavering consistency and integrity in any given circumstance or social setting.