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Zelensky Open to Considering Trump's Suggestions for Ukraine Conflict Resolution

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed willingness to consider former US President Donald Trump's proposals for resolving the conflict in Ukraine, stating that he would listen with interest...

The intersection of politics and religion: Trump's Bible sales vs Biden's Easter egg controversy

Former President Trump capitalizes on religion with commemorative Bibles, as President Biden faces Republican backlash for Easter holiday actions.

Controversial Video Shared by Trump Depicts Biden Restrained in a Truck

Recently, former President Donald Trump shared a controversial video showcasing an image of President Joe Biden restrained in the back of a truck, sparking uproar and debate among viewers. The video h...

Controversy Erupts as Video of Biden Tied Up in Truck Surfaces

A recent video shared by former President Donald Trump has sparked controversy as it shows an image of President Joe Biden tied up in the back of a pickup truck. The video has stirred up debates and d...

Fact check: Trump's perplexing tale on NYSE listing debunked

Trump's claim of avoiding NYSE due to persecution of businesspeople in New York is debunked as his company is already listed on Nasdaq, also in New York.

Analysis: Potential Relief for Trump and Democrats in Bond Controversy

Exploring the possibility of easing a contentious bond situation to prevent voter backlash against Democrats and the potential asset seizure of Trump, as discussed by W. James Antle III.

Fact Check: Debunking Trump's False Claim About Appeal Process and Fraud Ruling

Former President Donald Trump spreads misinformation by wrongly asserting limitations on appeal process and criticizing the judge behind the $454 million civil fraud verdict.

Challenges for Trump in Securing $464 Million Bond in Civil Fraud Case Revealed by His Lawyers

Legal hurdles mount for former President Trump as his legal team discloses the struggle to secure a bond to cover the substantial judgment in the civil fraud case brought by the New York attorney gene...

Fact Check: Unraveling Trump's Fabricated Narrative of Releasing 'The Tape'

Former President Donald Trump spins a fabricated tale, falsely asserting his strategic release of 'the tape' of the pivotal 2019 phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Delve into the debunking...

Trump's Legal Maneuvers: A Successful Delaying Strategy

Donald Trump's tactics appear to be effectively stalling the legal proceedings.