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Dragon Ball Super's English Dub Debuts on Crunchyroll

Exciting news for Dragon Ball fans as the English dub of Dragon Ball Super makes its long-awaited debut on Crunchyroll, offering fans a new way to experience the beloved series.

Exclusive Premiere: Crunchyroll Presents Solo Leveling Documentary Series

Get ready for an exclusive treat! Crunchyroll has just announced the premiere of a two-part documentary series on Solo Leveling. Dive deep into 'The Leveling of Solo Level' as Crunchyroll brings you a...

Mr. Beast shares his disappointment with Solo Leveling episode 7.5's poor rating on Crunchyroll

Mr. Beast, a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer, expresses his dissatisfaction with the low rating of Solo Leveling episode 7.5 on Crunchyroll.

One Piece Episode 1097: Premiere Schedule, Streaming Platform, and Exciting Details

Discover when One Piece Episode 1097 will premiere, scheduled for Sunday, March 17, 2024, at 9:30 am JST on the official Crunchyroll platform. Dive into the latest updates and prepare for an exciting...

Solo Leveling recap episode disappoints fans on Crunchyroll

Fans express disappointment over Solo Leveling's recent recap episode on Crunchyroll, citing negative feedback and lackluster reception.

Crunchyroll Stays Firm: No Plans for Price Increases Yet

Amid speculations of Crunchyroll planning a price hike, the streaming service assures customers that there are no imminent changes in subscription costs.

Crunchyroll announces Konosuba season 3 streaming in Spring 2024

Exciting news for Konosuba fans as Crunchyroll confirms the streaming of season 3 of the beloved isekai parody series. Get ready to dive back into the hilariously chaotic world of Konosuba this April!

Crunchyroll's Exploration of AI for Anime Subtitling

Discover how Crunchyroll is delving into the realm of artificial intelligence for subtitling and closed captioning of anime episodes. Dive into the details shared by Crunchyroll President Rahul Purini...

Crunchyroll's Commitment to Enhancing Mobile Viewing Experience

Discover the latest updates on Crunchyroll's mobile app improvements for a better anime streaming experience.

Explore Exciting Discounts on Anime and Gaming Merchandise at Crunchyroll's Last Chance Sale

Discover amazing deals on a wide range of products from your favorite anime and video game franchises at Crunchyroll's Last Chance Sale. From manga and comics to Blu-rays, figures, apparel, and more,...