What is Personal Selling?

What is Personal Selling?

What is Personal Selling? What is the role of personal selling in business operations? What are the pros and cons of personal selling compared to other Promotional Tools?

What is Personal Selling?

Personal selling is a process of communication, exchange, direct interaction, in which the salesperson tries to convince his potential customers to buy the company's products/services, or assist in providing information. information and advice to create sympathy, build a good relationship, thereby creating sales opportunities in the future.

What is Personal Selling?

The Role of Personal Selling in Marketing

For a strategic role, personal selling is one of the four Promotional Tools/Mix tools, prioritized for use in most businesses.

Personal selling helps connect the company and its target customers, both as an advertising channel, as a sales channel, and as an effective customer care tool.

Through personal selling, the company can collect customer feedback, thereby having the right basis to tailor products & services to better suit the target market.

Pros and cons of personal selling


  • In which 4 Promotional Toos/Mix tools, personal selling is the most interactive tool, because in the process of sales staff transmitting information, the sales staff can directly feel the attitude customer's level and perception, thereby making appropriate adjustments in the content, language, communication and communication methods, as well as being able to receive customer feedback.
  • Extremely suitable for types of products/services with high level, complexity, and value (e.g. real estate, insurance, cars...)


  • It is difficult to agree on the message that the company wants to convey, because the understanding and expression of each salesperson is different.
  • There may be competition and conflict among sales staff in a company, thereby negatively affecting the company's operations.
  • The cost to hire and operate a personal sales team is high, not suitable for consumer products.
  • It is difficult to control possible negative behaviors: Salespeople quote higher prices than the company's prescribed level, hide revenue, disclose customer information to competitors...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Personal selling is a promotional method in which salespeople interact directly with potential customers to persuade them to purchase products or services.
Personal selling allows salespeople to tailor their approach to each individual customer, build relationships, and address any concerns or objections in real-time, which can lead to higher sales and customer satisfaction.
Examples of personal selling include door-to-door sales, in-person consultations, and sales presentations.
Important skills for personal selling include communication, listening, problem-solving, and persuasion.
Personal selling can be effective when salespeople understand their customers' needs, offer solutions to their problems, and provide exceptional customer service.