Unveiling the Mysteries of Wheel of Time's Horn of Valere

Unveiling the Mysteries of Wheel of Time's Horn of Valere

Unveiling the Mysteries: The Intrigue Surrounding the Horn of Valere in the Wheel of Time Series, including its Origins, Rules, and the Consequences of its Powerful Sound

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wheel of Time season 2, episode 5


The Seanchan believe that harnessing the immense power of the Horn of Valere will enable them to attain global dominance. By sounding the Horn, they can summon mighty heroes who will fight alongside them in the ultimate battle against the Dark One.

It is uncertain if the TV show will follow the storyline of Mat Cauthon being the one to blow the Horn of Valere. However, in the world of The Wheel of Time, the Horn of Valere is undoubtedly one of the most powerful artifacts. In episode 5 of season 2, titled "Damane," the Horn was taken from Fal Dara by Padan Fain and ended up in the possession of the Seanchan. High Lord Turak believes that with the Horn, they will have the means to seize control of the entire world.

What Happens When Someone Blows The Horn Of Valere

The significance of the Horn of Valere in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books aligns closely with the storyline. Just like in the show, the theft of the Horn of Valere serves as the catalyst for the second book, The Great Hunt, and plays a central role in the overall narrative. In the books, capturing Fain and reclaiming the Horn becomes the ultimate objective for several pivotal characters in the Wheel of Time series. Despite their dedicated efforts, it eventually falls into the hands of the Seanchan. Similarly, the characters in the TV show encounter the same predicament. Released from its confinement by Turak, the Horn of Valere now possesses the potential to fuel the villains' power.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Wheel of Time's Horn of Valere

In season 1 of The Wheel of Time, viewers were given a glimpse of the potential impact of blowing the Horn of Valere. Lord Yakota revealed that this powerful artifact has the ability to summon "the Pattern's greatest heroes." He explained to Perrin, played by Marcus Rutherford, that the purpose of the Horn is to be sounded during the Last Battle against the Dark One's forces. By bringing deceased warriors back to life, it becomes a formidable weapon against the villains in the Wheel of Time universe. The show stays true to the books by depicting the resurrection of renowned and heroic figures as spectral beings who can assist them in battle, as seen in The Great Hunt.

The army of spirits summoned by the Horn in The Great Hunt comprises individuals who have already been mentioned in the show's first season. This includes Artur Hawkwing and Jain Farstrider, skilled warriors who perished centuries ago and had their souls bound to the Horn. Additionally, Shivan the Hunter, Gaidal Cain, and Brigitte Silverbow, the latter of whom emerges as a significant character later in the series. Together recognized as the Heroes of the Horn, they assist the main characters both in the climax of The Great Hunt and once again during the Last Battle in the final installment, A Memory of Light.

Origin & Rules Of The Horn Of Valere Explained

Unveiling the Mysteries of Wheel of Time's Horn of Valere

The origins of the Horn of Valere remain uncertain, perhaps because they were lost in the distant past. According to the books, this powerful artifact has existed for thousands of years, even predating Lews Therin Telamon, the original Dragon. It is intriguing to note that it may have been blown during Lews Therin's lifetime, as Hawkwing mentioned his familiarity with the Dragon in The Great Hunt.

Comments from various characters shed light on how the mechanism functions and the accompanying rules. According to Artur Hawkwing's statement in The Great Hunt, the Heroes of the Horn do not side with those aligned with the Dark One. Bearing this in mind, it is possible that nothing will occur if High Lord Turak were to blow it. The individual who blows the Horn is known as the "Hornsounder" to the Heroes of the Horn. Once bestowed with this title, it remains with them until their demise. The Heroes of the Horn solely respond to the Hornsounder, but in the event of their death, a new individual can assume this responsibility.

Who Blows The Horn Of Valere in The Wheel Of Time Books

Unveiling the Mysteries of Wheel of Time's Horn of Valere

If the TV series remains faithful to the books, it will be Mat Cauthon who blows the Horn of Valere. Facing a precarious situation with both the Seanchan and the Whitecloaks closing in, Mat believed he had no other option but to unleash the Horn's formidable power at the conclusion of The Great Hunt. This pivotal act firmly established Mat as The Wheel of Time's chosen Hornsounder, thereby making him crucial to the series' overall setup for the Last Battle. Without a doubt, this moment is widely regarded as one of the most significant contributions Mat makes throughout the entire book series.

It is uncertain if his TV show character will have this opportunity, as he is currently being escorted to Cairhein by Min Farshaw instead of Falme. Unless there is a speedy alteration in the show's plot to bring him to Falme for the ultimate battle, another character may be chosen as the show's Hornsounder. However, deviating from Robert Jordan's story and allowing someone other than Mat Cauthon to blow the Horn of Valere in season 2 would be a significant change. The new episodes of The Wheel of Time are released on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.