The Ultimate Showdown: Superman vs The Flash

The Ultimate Showdown: Superman vs The Flash

A look into the long-standing rivalry between Superman and The Flash and the definitive answer to who is faster.

The Rivalry of Super-Speed

Superman and The Flash have been pitted against each other in numerous races, leading to a longstanding debate about who is faster.

The Flash & Superman's first race

The Flash & Superman's first race

The Flash is renowned as the fastest man alive, but Superman is no slouch when it comes to super-speed. If DC's two fastest heroes went neck-and-neck, who would emerge as the ultimate speedster?

The Justice League is often teased as being formed to replicate Superman's powers, highlighting the challenges of a character with such immense abilities.

However, the caveat is that individual Leaguers are not necessarily stronger, but more skilled than Superman in their respective abilities. This presents a unique challenge when comparing Superman to Green Lantern or Aquaman.

The Flash, on the other hand, has engaged in numerous races with the Man of Steel across various media. The question of who is faster has been intentionally vague, but a pivotal comic book moment has provided a definitive answer.

A History of Superman vs The Flash Races

Throughout the years, Superman and The Flash have engaged in races for various reasons, with the first race occurring in 1967's Superman #199.

The initial race resulted in an intentional tie, as the heroes sought to thwart gamblers attempting to manipulate the outcome. This clever maneuver allowed them to avoid declaring a clear winner.

Subsequent races between the two iconic heroes often ended in ties or with extenuating circumstances preventing a definitive victory. While Superman won one race and The Flash won two, there was always enough doubt cast to avoid a conclusive outcome.

The Definitive Answer

In the quest to determine who is faster between Superman and The Flash, a pivotal moment just before the Flashpoint event provided the definitive answer.

The Flash outraces Superman

The Flash outraces Superman

In the original continuity, Barry Allen returned from death and reestablished himself in The Flash: Rebirth, marking a crucial turning point.

During a serious confrontation, The Flash demonstrated his unmatched speed, leaving Superman in his dust and solidifying his status as the faster of the two.

It is now widely accepted that while Superman can reach impressive speeds, The Flash is significantly faster. Furthermore, there exists a hierarchy among the various Flashes, with the current Flash, Wally West, potentially surpassing Barry in speed.