The Shocking Truth Behind Tom Schwartz's Involvement in Tom and Raquel's Cheating Scandal

The Shocking Truth Behind Tom Schwartz's Involvement in Tom and Raquel's Cheating Scandal

Tom Schwartz distances himself from the cheating scandal involving fellow 'Vanderpump Rules' stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, stating he feels complicit and will be stepping away permanently

The Shocking Truth Behind Tom Schwartz's Involvement in Tom and Raquel's Cheating Scandal

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Tom Schwartz candidly shared the difficulties he has encountered since Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' affair became public knowledge, expressing his desire to distance himself from the situation. He revealed how the scandal has affected him and caused him considerable distress and a prolonged period of low spirits. During an episode of Stars on Mars on Monday, June 12, the 40-year-old reality TV star spoke openly about the negative impact that the affair has had on his life.

The individual from Minnesota recounted his own experience with the cheating scandal, expressing regret and guilt for not covering for his friend who had engaged in a tumultuous affair. Despite his loyalty to his friend, the individual is now choosing to distance himself from the drama permanently after reflecting on his friendship with Sandoval. According to him, any explanation or justification from Sandoval is no longer relevant due to his handling of the situation. The individual clarified that he did not have an affair and that he is not Sandoval, making it difficult for him to understand why he has been so heavily involved in the scandal.

After news of his business partner's affair with their costar Raquel emerged in March, Schwartz, co-founder of Schwartz & Sandy's, faced criticism. It was revealed that Schwartz had also hooked up with Raquel shortly before she began dating Sandoval in August 2022. One month after Ariana Madix discovered the affair and ended her relationship with Sandoval, eyebrows were raised when Schwartz asked for understanding and support for his best friend.

"I want to express my love for Ariana, even though I understand that she may not reciprocate those feelings right now. Similarly, I know that Tom has faced a lot of backlash from the public, but I won't turn my back on him. He acknowledges the gravity of his actions and his behavior, and I urge people to show him compassion and offer him support during this difficult time."

Ariana, who had unfollowed Schwartz on social media in March, stated during the season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules that she will not have mutual friends with him and no longer considers him a friend. Despite defending him in the past, she expressed her disappointment and regret for missing him but acknowledged that what she misses may not be real. Schwartz later provided an update on his relationship with Sandoval after completing filming for Stars on Mars, which is currently airing on Fox.

"He left a huge mess for us to clean up at the business and I can't help feeling resentful towards him," Schwartz explained on the "Reality Hits" podcast with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. "I need a break from Tom - I haven't seen him in a while. I feel exploited by him, like he doesn't care about the damage he's caused and is more concerned with living out his rockstar dreams." Schwartz also mentioned that others in the restaurant share his frustration with Sandoval's lack of remorse. "I know he regrets it, but he's not doing a good job of showing it," he added.

Schwartz also shared that he was no longer in the know when it comes to Sandoval’s personal life, saying, “I have no clue and it could not make me happier, I don’t want to know any secrets.”