Sutton Stracke's Game-Changing Circular Fashion House Redefines Sustainability and Style

Sutton Stracke's Game-Changing Circular Fashion House Redefines Sustainability and Style

Sutton Stracke reveals her latest venture, a sustainable circular fashion house, in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly Collaborating with 'RHOA' alum Cynthia Bailey, she introduces a new line that combines style and eco-consciousness

Sutton Stracke, the 51-year-old star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is on a mission to contribute to a greener planet through her fashionable endeavors. In an exclusive interview with We, she shares details about her new sustainable business, Sutton Brands.

"Many of us often overlook the detrimental effects of fashion on our environment," shared Sutton during her interview with Us. "This realization led me to question how I could contribute to the solution rather than the problem. Given my love for fashion, my business partner and I took the initiative to establish Sutton Brands, a revolutionary circular fashion house."

Circular fashion takes on the crucial mission of minimizing waste through the repurposing and recycling of garments, ultimately striving to reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion industry. As a part of her new venture, Sutton, known for her successful clothing boutique in West Hollywood, presents her own sustainable "green line" which is currently available at her store, as well as a special collaboration with RHOA alum Cynthia Bailey.

"I'm absolutely thrilled about this," Sutton exclaimed to Us, expressing that her bond with Cynthia was an instant connection.

Furthermore, she emphasized, "When I established the company, I contemplated who would be the perfect individual to join us, and Cynthia immediately came to mind due to her remarkable personality and compassionate nature."

Sutton also mentioned that she has other projects waiting to be launched. She expressed her intention to utilize celebrities to raise awareness about the significance of sustainability. It is important for people to realize that excessive clothing shouldn't end up in landfills on our planet.

Sutton is actively contributing to this cause through her company, Sutton Brands. Her clothing lines focus on repurposing excess inventory and returned items, ensuring that nothing goes to waste in landfills. The ultimate objective is to maximize the use of all resources and minimize waste.

Building Sutton Brands has been a transformative journey for the Bravo star, altering her perspective on fashion. "I've gained a wealth of knowledge," she shared with Us. "Now, when I make a purchase, sustainability is at the forefront of my mind. I don't simply discard it; instead, I plan to pass it down to my daughter."

Excitingly, Sutton divulged that fans will have the opportunity to witness the progression of her new venture on the upcoming season of RHOBH. Additionally, she hinted at potential conflicts and shared her experience filming without the presence of Lisa Rinna.

Sutton expressed her admiration for Lisa, stating that she had always liked her for her accomplishments and dynamic nature. However, she admitted that last season she did not feel the same. Amidst their busy lives and exciting adventures in Europe, they had somewhat overlooked Lisa. Lisa, who is 60 years old, announced her departure from RHOBH in January after being a full-time Housewife on the Bravo series since 2014.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi