Misconceptions about Copywriting and Copywriting

Misconceptions about Copywriting and Copywriting

Common misconceptions about Copywriting & Copywriting that many people often make. Analyze the causes leading to the deviation in these statements and concepts. Watch now to avoid making the same mistakes.

Copywriting is a specialized term, only those who have studied, worked and experienced can fully understand the meaning of yes. Today, hocmarketing.org will list down misconceptions about Copywriting and Copywriting.

Mistake 1: Copywriting is copying other people's content (copy-paste)

Many people who do not understand the concept of Copywriting will often translate the term literally (Copy = imitat→ Copywriting is copy and paste others' articles). This case of misunderstanding is quite common for those who have little exposure to the concepts in the advertising industry.

Mistake 2: Copywriting is PR

Some people often think copywriting is PR. This understanding is not accurate because the nature of PR and Copywriting is completely different. PR has a broader meaning, including many different activities aimed at building relationships between businesses and individuals with the surrounding community. Meanwhile, Copywriting is a specific activity about the process of producing advertising and promotional products.

In terms of form, Copywriting and PR have much in common. For example, companies and individuals often use copywriters to create articles, articles, and videos for PR purposes. This is why many people mistake Copywriting for PR

Mistake 3: Copywriting is a simple job

Copywriting is not a simple job, but on the contrary, it is very complicated, requiring Copywriters to equip themselves with many skills & experience to be able to do well. Meanwhile, many of the target audience of Copywriting activities are people with profound knowledge, who live a long life, are always calm and suspicious of most things that happen in life. In order to convince those subjects, gossiping is lowering the book and self-destructive. To be able to move the audience of readers and listeners, copywriters must put themselves in the situation of the readers, experience life like the readers, experience through the product/service they are talking about to help the content. more convincing content. Not stopping there, Copywriters need to equip themselves with abundant language, creative and logical thinking to be able to implement ideas into words.

Again, copywriting is not a simple job. Only those who have enough passion, energy and perseverance can do this job well.

Mistake 4: Copywriting is doing SEO

The emergence, growth and popularity of SEO has created more jobs for copywriting industry. Many SEO campaigns need the participation of copywriters to create high-value content for users and readers. It is the regular appearance of Copywriting in SEO that has made many people think that Copywriting is a job just to serve SEO.

You need to know that, Copywriting appeared in the world long before SEO was born. Besides, in addition to serving SEO, Copywriting also serves many other related purposes in Marketing. If you are interested, you can refer to the brief history of the birth and development of Copywriting.

Mistake 5: Copywriting is a liar's job

I do not deny that many Copywriters exaggerate the truth, reverse the facts or even fabricate information and content that are not true. This has created aversion in the thoughts of many people in society. However, by nature Copywriting is not a lying profession. Every profession has two sides. The choice of black or dark side is up to people, not the nature of the profession. For example, some people think that modeling is prostitution, although there are still many models who practice based on merit, and so are copywriters. If some copywriters accept to bend their pen to write untrue things, there are still many genuine Copywriters who bring many positive values to readers every day.

In the digital age, SEO plays an increasingly important role in the marketing activities of businesses. Therefore, Digital Copywriters need to have a certain amount of SEO knowledge to have more competitive advantages for themselves. In addition, there are a few copywriters who only specialize in SEO projects. This has led to the misunderstanding that Copywriter is SEOer.

Mistake 6: Copywriting/Copywriting is a lowly profession with no future

There are many opinions that writing to promote a product or business is a lowly job, earning only a few dong to live through the day, with no future. This is a very wrong notion. In fact, there have been many successful people in this field of Copywriting. Many Copywriters with the orientation to work for Copywriting Agencies have had a fairly stable salary, even promoted to become a leader or director of content production. Some other Copywriters who do hard work for businesses (Corporate Copywriters) are also treated very thoughtfully. Or the rest choose the direction of Freelance Copywriter also become very successful & famous, warmly welcomed by the business world in Marketing projects.

That's why saying Copywriting/Copywriting is an inferior profession with no future is completely wrong, short-sighted, and impulsive!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Copywriting is the practice of creating written content for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.
Some common misconceptions about Copywriting include that it is easy, that anyone can do it, and that it is just about writing good headlines.
Copywriting is focused on persuading the reader to take a specific action, while content writing is focused on providing information and engaging the reader.
Copywriting is a critical component of marketing, as it plays a key role in persuading potential customers to take action.
Effective Copywriting requires strong writing skills, creativity, and an understanding of marketing and consumer psychology.