Kelly Clarkson's Epic Lyric Swaps in the Wake of the Chaotic Brandon Blackstock Split

Kelly Clarkson's Epic Lyric Swaps in the Wake of the Chaotic Brandon Blackstock Split

Kelly Clarkson is showcasing her emotional journey post-divorce through powerful lyric swaps, as she fearlessly addresses her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in songs like Happier Than Ever, Abcdefu, and Piece by Piece These heartfelt swaps reveal her candid and relatable expression of pain, growth, and empowerment

Kelly Clarkson's Epic Lyric Swaps in the Wake of the Chaotic Brandon Blackstock Split

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Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have reached a resolution in their divorce proceedings. In a unique expression of her emotions, the musician has channeled her feelings into a song.

Confirming our previous report from June 2020, Clarkson initiated divorce proceedings against Blackstock after a marriage that lasted nearly seven years. The legal dispute between the two escalated as they faced conflicts regarding the custody of their two children, River Rose and Remington, as well as matters of spousal support and joint assets.

The singer known for "Since U Been Gone" finalized her divorce in March 2022. As part of the settlement, she agreed to pay her ex-husband $115,000 per month in spousal support until January 2024, along with a one-time payment of over $1.3 million. Additionally, she will be paying $45,601 a month in child support until her children reach the age of 18, graduate high school, or become self-sufficient. Clarkson, who was granted primary custody of the children, channeled her heartbreak into her album "Chemistry," released in June 2023. In a video posted on Instagram in March 2023, she explained that the album title represented the entirety of her relationship, encompassing a range of emotions and experiences rather than focusing on just one aspect.

Before and after the album’s release, Clarkson has reimagined several songs with lyrics targeted at Blackstock. Scroll down to see her most savage lyric swaps:

“Happier Than Ever”

Clarkson caused a stir in October 2021 when she showcased Billie Eilish’s hit song "Happier Than Ever" as a part of her "Kellyoke" segment on her talk show. Observant fans were quick to pick up on Clarkson's modifications to certain lines, which appeared to allude to her personal issues with Blackstock.

The original lyrics by Eilish go, "I don’t relate to you / I don’t relate to you, no / ‘Cause I’d never treat me this s–tty / You made me hate this city."

During the show, Clarkson modified the final line to say, "I understand, you despise this city." Additionally, she chose to retain the majority of the song's profanity in her performance, relying on the channel to censor them during the broadcast. Clarkson's subtle alteration followed Blackstock's decision to settle in their Montana estate and express his desire to reside there and step away from his career in entertainment.

Us validated in June 2022 that Blackstock relocated from Clarkson's Montana ranch, which she possesses legally, concluding a two-year dispute over the ownership of the property.

Blackstock initially contended his desire to become a full-time rancher and not leave his career as a talent manager, which led to a disagreement with Clarkson, the sole owner of the ranch who intended to sell it. In January 2022, an agreement was reached wherein Blackstock would receive 5.12 percent of the land, equivalent to $908,800 of its total value of $17,750,000.

In May 2023, Clarkson announced her family's relocation from L.A. to New York City, along with the moving of her talk show, as a result of the divorce.

Kelly Clarkson's Epic Lyric Swaps in the Wake of the Chaotic Brandon Blackstock Split

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Clarkson vehemently criticized Blackstock during her appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show in March 2023. It was evident that her emotions were running high as she expressed her frustration with lines such as, "I want to express my utter disdain towards you and your father, as well as the fact that you walked away with a substantial portion of my heartache. However, I am determined to transform this pain into a masterpiece." This statement seemed to allude to the contentious nature of her divorce from her former manager.

“Piece by Piece”

: Gayle, on the other hand, initially sings, "F—k you and your mom and your sister and your job / and your broke-ass car and that s—t you call art." In April 2023, Gayle expressed her approval of Clarkson's revision by sharing the video on social media. Captioning the clip, she wrote, "OK OK BUT THIS LYRIC CHANGE!!!!" During a concert in Las Vegas in July 2023, Clarkson performed an uncensored version of the song, incorporating her modified line.

In her Las Vegas residency performance in August 2023, the American Idol alum, Kelly Clarkson, made alterations to the lyrics of her 2015 hit "Piece by Piece." The original track, written about her husband, Brandon Blackstock, and the contrast between him and her father's absence, featured the lines, "But piece by piece, he collected me up / Off the ground, where you abandoned things, yeah / Piece by piece, he filled the holes that you burned in me / At six years old and you know," sung by Clarkson.

However, during the Sin City show, Clarkson chose to modify these lines by replacing the pronoun "he" with "I." She passionately sang, "I collected me up" and "I filled the holes," transforming the song into a representation of her own resilience and ability to overcome heartbreak.

Clarkson proceeded to modify the second part of the song's chorus. The original lyrics, "He never walks away / He never asks for money / He takes care of me / He loves me," were changed to "I just walk away / when they ask for money / I take care of me / 'cause I love me."

The Grammy winner also revised the rest of the chorus to once again portray herself as the one who overcomes her own pain. Originally, Clarkson sang, "Piece by piece, he restored my faith / That a man can be kind and a father could stay." The new rendition now showcases her powerful vocals as she sings, "Piece by piece, I restored my faith / That a heart can still beat, even when it breaks."

In the final verse, Clarkson once again substitutes "he" with "I," affirming that she will never hurt her children emotionally. In contrast to the original lyrics, which mentioned someone else taking care of things and loving her, Clarkson now declares, "I'll take care of things when you inflict wounds."