Joey Lawrence Reflects on His Daughters' Friends Crushing on His Younger Self

Joey Lawrence Reflects on His Daughters' Friends Crushing on His Younger Self

Exclusive interview with Joey Lawrence as he opens up about the 'strange' feeling of his daughters' friends admiring his '95 self and how it impacts him.

Joey Lawrence’s daughtersfriends having crushes on the younger version of the actor has Us saying, “Whoa!”

“My daughters often tell me that their friends have crushes on the younger version of me from the ‘90s when they watch Blossom. It’s pretty interesting,” Lawrence, 47, shared exclusively with We on Friday, March 15, as he talked about his partnership with Listerine Clinical Solutions. “They’ll say, ‘Dad, it’s kind of weird. My friend has a crush on 95 Joey Lawrence.’ I have to agree, it does feel a bit strange and makes me realize how old I am getting as I see myself age in every interview.”

Lawrence has been acting since the early ‘80s, starring in shows like Gimme a Break!, Blossom, and Brotherly Love. As he continued acting, he also took on a new role as a doting girl dad in real life. Lawrence shares daughters Charleston, 18, and Liberty, 14, with ex-wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson, and infant daughter Dylan, 13 months, with wife Samantha Cope.

Admittedly, it's a bit odd that Charleston and Liberty’s friends have started to find the 1995-era Joey Lawrence cute. However, the actor thinks it’s “great” that they have an interest in his past projects.

Lawrence mentioned that the resurgence of the '90s and the idea of reuniting for a potential Blossom reboot has sparked interest among his kids and their friends. He also noted that his kids enjoy the Brotherly Love podcast, which he, Matt, and Andy Lawrence started as a way to stay busy during a period when the industry was shut down.

Joey and his younger brothers now host a popular Brotherly Love recap show, which has become one of the most well-liked podcasts.

Joey expressed his amazement at witnessing the sudden popularity and rise of their podcast into the top 50. He described the experience as bizarre and wild, stating that it has introduced their content to a whole new community and fanbase who were previously unaware of them.

Joey Lawrence Says Daughters Friends Have Crushes

Joey Lawrence Says Daughters Friends Have Crushes

Joey Lawrence shared a recent encounter he had while out in the market. He mentioned that a young boy recognized him as a podcaster, showing that some people may only know him for certain roles or projects. He found it interesting how the world has changed and how people perceive him based on his work. Despite the changes, he expressed gratitude for being able to wake up every day and enjoy life, considering it a blessing even though it may seem strange at times.

Joey, who stressed that there’s nothing like being a girl dad, also prioritizes their dental hygiene with Listerine Clinical Solutions’ products.

Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence

"I always hear people asking, 'Will your clinical solutions antiseptic gum health really work in just a week?' Well, after using it for a week, I could feel the difference. The first time I tried it, I couldn't believe how well it worked. I thought to myself, 'Wow, this stuff really works.' So, I was convinced that we needed to use this product," he shared. "I don't usually endorse many brands or products, but this one felt so genuine and authentic because I have personally used it, and even my kids use it. I have them using it now, and this brand is known for being innovative and has always been at the top when it comes to oral care."

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