Jennifer Garner pays tribute to her late father William Garner at 85

Jennifer Garner pays tribute to her late father William Garner at 85

Jennifer Garner took to social media to announce the passing of her father, William Garner, in a heartfelt post to her followers.

Jennifer Garner shared with her social media followers on Monday that her father William Garner has died.

He was 85 years old, she wrote in the post.

Garner shared on her official Instagram account a series of photos of her father and a video from a Capital One credit card commercial, with a caption stating, “My dad passed away peacefully on Saturday afternoon.”

In a lighter moment, she added, “We were by his side, singing Amazing Grace as he departed (did we guide him gently or startle him— a valid question).” Acknowledging that her father had lived a fulfilling 85 years, she also recognized the inevitability of grief, which can surprise us at unexpected times.

The actress from "Alias" expressed her gratitude in a recent post. She mentioned how thankful she and her family are for her dad's gentle nature, quiet strength, mischievous smile, and his role as a patient father figure. They also appreciate his work ethic, leadership, and faith. Additionally, they extended their thanks to the medical teams at Charleston Area Medical Center and City of Hope.

My dad was truly amazing, and my sisters and I could talk about him forever. Today, I want to share some memories of the kind and brilliant man, father, and grandfather he was, along with the loving legacy he left behind. Garner wrote this with deep appreciation.

In January, she also posted on Instagram to celebrate her parents' 59th wedding anniversary.

My incredibly sweet and loving parents celebrated their 59th anniversary recently. I am grateful to Mom and Dad for providing my sisters and me with a secure and happy start in life.

Editor's P/S:

The loss of a loved one is always a profound and deeply personal experience. Jennifer Garner's heartfelt tribute to her father, William Garner, eloquently captures the bittersweet emotions that accompany such a loss. Her words evoke a sense of gratitude for a life well-lived, while also acknowledging the inevitable pain and grief that comes with saying goodbye. The intimate details she shares, such as singing "Amazing Grace" by his side as he passed, paint a poignant picture of a family united in love and support during a difficult time.

Garner's tribute also highlights the importance of cherishing the memories of those who have left us. By sharing her father's gentle nature, quiet strength, and mischievous smile, she ensures that his legacy will continue to inspire and bring joy to those who knew him. It is through these memories that we keep our loved ones close to our hearts and find solace in their absence.'s challenges.