Jaws-Dropping: The Black Demon Surpasses Prime Video's Blockbusters, Secures #1 Streaming Spot

Jaws-Dropping: The Black Demon Surpasses Prime Video's Blockbusters, Secures #1 Streaming Spot

The Black Demon, a thrilling shark movie, surpasses Prime Video's top releases to claim the coveted #1 streaming position Made at a whopping cost of $10 million, discover the secrets behind the phenomenal success of this gripping cinematic masterpiece


Indie shark movie The Black Demon has become the top streaming film on Prime Video, surpassing major releases, thanks to its low-budget appeal.

The success of The Black Demon can be credited to the recent popularity of the Meg franchise film, which highlights the ongoing fascination with movies centered around sharks. It caters to the demand for oceanic monster films and effectively capitalizes on the fear and fascination associated with colossal sharks, potentially paving the way for a follow-up installment.

The Black Demon, an unexpected shark movie, has become the top-streamed film on Prime Video, surpassing even the platform's major releases. This indie sci-fi thriller follows the story of oilman Paul Sturges (played by Josh Lucas) whose family vacation is disrupted by a terrifying Megalodon attack. While critics gave the film a 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it proved to be more popular among audiences, earning a respectable score of 80%.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Black Demon has managed to outshine various other Prime Video releases and secure the coveted Number 1 streaming spot on the platform since its premiere on August 22. This achievement places the shark movie ahead of notable Prime originals such as The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 and Red, White & Royal Blue. Despite limited marketing efforts, it is evident that this low-budget film has captured the attention of many viewers on the Amazon-based platform.

Why The Black Demon Is So Successful

Jaws-Dropping: The Black Demon Surpasses Prime Video's Blockbusters, Secures #1 Streaming Spot

The Black Demon is not the only recent film to be released on a digital platform. On August 25, Meg 2: The Trench also debuted digitally, featuring Megalodon as the featured shark in its own movie. It's possible that the success of The Meg franchise's latest installment played a role in The Black Demon's streaming success as well.

Moreover, The Black Demon fills a unique niche in the realm of shark movies by presenting a story of a colossal shark attacking people, reminiscent of a monster movie set in the ocean. This theme of oceanic fears has been a significant factor in the popularity of shark films like Jaws, and The Black Demon adeptly embraces this aspect. Additionally, the film had a limited theatrical release in April, which undoubtedly contributed to its current popularity.

Following the successful reception of The Black Demon on Prime Video, the producers have already hinted at potential ideas for a sequel. It is uncertain whether the second film will solely revolve around sharks or if it will explore other creatures similar to Meg 2: The Trench. Nonetheless, the positive performance of the movie opens up endless possibilities for an exciting continuation in the future.