I Couldn't Resist: How This Trendsetting JW Pei Crossbody Changed My Mind About Purses!

I Couldn't Resist: How This Trendsetting JW Pei Crossbody Changed My Mind About Purses!

Discover the game-changing JW PEI crossbody! This trending Amazon find completely converted me into a purse enthusiast Find out why this stylish and practical accessory is a must-have in your collection

We have affiliate partnerships that allow us to receive compensation for certain product and service links. Despite not being the most fashion-forward individual, I am confident in my sense of style. My wardrobe consists of classic essentials, a few standout items, and an extensive collection of shoes. However, one area where my wardrobe has always lacked is quality handbags.

The thing is, I’ve never been a fan of purses. Hear me out: While I find them cute, I get annoyed with straps slipping down my arm constantly, and since I use a wallet phone case, I already have all my essentials on me at all times. Simply put, there was never a real need for me to purchase a purse. That is, until my friends staged an intervention. I guess it was too much to ask them to carry my lipstick in their purses.

With their guidance, I turned to Amazon to browse through popular purse options. Many of my friends rave about JW Pei for their stylish bags at affordable prices. After scrolling through the extensive selections for what felt like hours, I stumbled upon the FAE Top Handle Crossbody from the brand. Although it boasts a relatively simple design, I was immediately captivated by the versatility of the detachable strap options: I could use it as a handbag or convert it into a crossbody. That small detail sealed the deal for me, and I promptly added the beige-colored one to my cart.


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Get the JW Pei FAE Top Handle Crossbody for just $80 at Amazon! Remember, prices and deals remain accurate as of Tuesday, October 17, but may be subject to change.

After two days, my doorstep welcomed the arrival of the bag (thanks Prime!), and I was immediately impressed by the exceptional quality it possessed. The vegan leather exterior not only looked and felt authentic, but the croc-embossed design surpassed that of other options I've encountered. Initially, I questioned its storage capacity due to its compact size, but to my surprise, it can accommodate quite a bit — including a hand sanitizer, various lip products, keys, and my phone, with room to spare.

The bag I wore out for the first time received a lot of compliments—from friends and strangers alike. It has been a year since I bought the purse, and I'm starting to question how I managed without carrying a bag with me while going out. Although I have added a few more purses to my collection, I consistently find myself gravitating towards this particular one because it complements almost any outfit I wear. Furthermore, its quality is truly unparalleled: I only had to clean it once, and it retains the same impeccable appearance as when I initially unboxed it.

If you're new to handbags or already assembling a collection, I highly recommend the JW Pei FAE Top Handle CrossbodyI received so many compliments.

See it! Get the JW Pei FAE Top Handle Crossbody on sale for just $80 at Amazon! Please note, prices and deals are accurate at the date of publication on Tuesday, October 17, but are subject to change.

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