How Emirates products/services differentiate their services

How Emirates products/services differentiate their services

Research article on how and how Emirates creates value for products/services, how to position Emirates brand throughout its operation from inception to 2016

About Emirates Airline and the Emirates Group

Emirates Airline was established in 1985 with headquarters located in Dubai, UAE. Emirates Airline is currently a subsidiary of the Emirates group, operating on 6 continents, in 150 cities in more than 160 countries, operated by a staff of more than 95,000 people. Although it is a subsidiary of a group, Emirates Airline acts as a key company representing the Emirates group. If only mentioning the name "Emirates", listeners will immediately think of Emirates Airline, which is a famous airline company around the world. The end of the 2016 financial year (March 31, 2016) marked the 28th consecutive growth in profit of the Emirates group with USD 670 million, of which Emirates Airline contributed more than 50% (340 million USD).

How Emirates products/services differentiate their services

In the early years of its operation, Emirates was oriented to become an airline with service quality at its core, modernity and continuous improvement. Over the years, Emirates has consistently succeeded in creating customer value by providing products and services that are customized and optimized for the demographics of each region. geography. This Emirates approach to customers has resulted in many outstanding products/services, including an ICE (Inboard Information, Communication, and Entertainment system) device that helps customers while in-flight Surf the web, read and email, or call loved ones on the ground, and private lounges for customers at airports. The products/services provided by Emirates enable this airline to deliver on its mission statement of commitment to high standards.

The Skywards Program, for frequent flyers, is also an important element for Emirates in building strong customer relationships. Specifically, customers participating in this program, when qualified, will receive many benefits and incentives such as accumulating "reward miles" on each ticket purchased, or free use of lounges at airports. .

In the face of increasingly fierce competition from other airlines, Emirates has launched a number of complementary services for differentiated value creation, including Dubai Connect, an all-inclusive service that includes tickets Fly in premium class, hotels, meals, pick-ups, and visa-free procedures. Another good example is Chauffeur-drive, which is a shuttle service from home to the airport or from the airport to the destination where the guest wants to go, for customers booking first or business class tickets.

Emirates' brand positioning method

While the competition is constantly offering discounts, Emirates keeps prices as usual while maintaining revenue. To do that is thanks to the way Emirates positions products/services. Emirates' target customers are not people who just want to fly at a low cost, cheap, but people with a stable income who are willing to pay a high fee to get good service. Instead of reducing product / service prices, Emirates chooses to focus on improving service quality, helping customers have a better experience. The idiom "The Emirates Experience" proves it.

Emirates' advertising and communication methods also contribute to differentiating values

Thanks to the difference in products/services, it has led to a difference in the way Emirates promotes and communicates. While other airlines focused most of their budgets on aggressive advertising campaigns across major media channels, Emirates began focusing on building customer relationships in a more personalized way through channels. Small but highly interactive. Although Emirates still spends most of its advertising budget on channels with large coverage such as TV, newspapers... but Emirates' reports in recent years show that the budget is spent on Online and mobile channels. Social networking is increasing. At the time of 2016, Emirates Fanpage on Facebook reached 6.5 million likes, Instagram page reached 1.9 million subscribers, LikedIn page reached 667,000 followers, also the highest number compared to other competitors in the aviation industry.

Emirates' creative advertising message

One of Emirates' largest and most persuasive advertising campaigns is "Hello Tomorrow", launched in 2012, with the message of helping to bring the world together and deliver meaningful experiences. Emirates aims to be recognized as a brand of lifestyle choices. The target audience of the campaign is "globalistas" - people who like to experience new cultures. Emirates' idea in this campaign is to make it easy for "globalistas" to connect with different cultures around the world, through flights, transfers, dining, shopping, entertainment venues. wisdom worldwide.

Sir Maurice Flanagan, founder and CEO of Emirates, once emphasized that Emirates is not simply a service to help customers move from point A, to point B, but through it also helps to connect dreams, hope and sublimation. He also said that the company is helping to connect people and cultures, creating meaningful experiences, thereby contributing to changing the world in a more positive direction.

The Emirates "Hello Tomorrow" campaign appears in all media such as, TV, electronic billboards in New York's Times Square, central bus station in Milan, digital channels, Online on a large scale. more than 80 countries. In addition, Emirates also collaborated with BBC to release a TV show called "Colloboration Culture", roughly translated and Collaborative Culture, with content following 14 people with different personalities collaborating and working. together in fields such as music, food, fashion and the arts. In addition, Emirates also cooperates with CNN to build the program "Fusion Journeys", roughly translated as unified journeys. Finally, in 2012, Emirates also created a channel called "Inspired Culture", which roughly translates to inspirational culture on the Yahoo! These shows have reached more than 43 billion views from 85 countries through BBC, CNN and Yahoo! Statistical reports estimate that 69% of viewers and 84% of people who have access to relevant information believe that Emirates is a brand that connects the world and creates a "bright future." than".


Emirates has become the most valuable airline brand in the world, with an estimated $7.7 billion, according to the 2016 Brand Finance Global 500 report. Emirates has proven that its success lies in creating differentiated value in the aviation and transportation markets. The success of Emirates has changed the way businesses approach customers around the world.