Google Ends Translate Community Contribution Tool

Google Ends Translate Community Contribution Tool

Google ends the Translate community contribution tool, attributing the decision to enhanced translation quality achieved through advanced machine learning technologies.

Google Translate is discontinuing the Contribute feature, where users could suggest translations to enhance the tool's accuracy. This decision was made because Google Translate has made significant progress in recent years, thanks to the development and learning of its internal systems.

Introducing the Contribute Feature

Introduced in 2014, the Contribute feature aims to improve translations for the 80 languages supported by Google Translate by tapping into the expertise of language enthusiasts and native speakers.

Users are able to engage with the Translate Community by creating new translations, evaluating current ones, and offering suggestions for enhancing the service.

Google recognized the importance of user input, stating, “When Contribute was first introduced, actual speakers frequently offered valuable translation suggestions when Translate was not accurate.”

Google no longer sees the need for this feature as they have improved the service.

When you go to and click on Contribute, you will see a message saying that this feature has been discontinued.

New System For User Feedback

Users of Google Translate can now easily give feedback through the Android and iOS apps, as well as on the desktop version, if they think a translation can be better.

This new method is aimed at keeping the service quality high while decreasing the need for the Contribute feature.

When the feature was initially launched, it was considered a creative way to involve users and access the combined knowledge of language communities globally.

As Google Translate evolved, the company implemented machine learning methods like neural machine translation, significantly improving the precision and fluidity of translations.

These technological advancements allow Google to provide higher-quality translations without relying as much on user contributions.

Looking Ahead

Google is still dedicated to providing accurate and reliable translations, even though the Contribute feature is no longer available.

Thanks to Google's advancements in language technology, Translate will remain an essential tool for overcoming language barriers and promoting global communication.


How does Google plan to maintain the quality of its translations after discontinuing the Contribute feature?

Google plans to maintain the quality of its translation services by constantly improving machine learning technology, such as neural machine translation, to provide better translations.

The original purpose of Google Translate's Contribute feature was to allow users to report translation issues directly through the platform. Over time, this feature has evolved to include the ability for users to provide feedback on translations via the Google Translate apps on Android and iOS, as well as the desktop version.

The Contribute feature was introduced in 2014 with the aim of involving language enthusiasts and native speakers in improving the quality of translations for 80 languages.

A platform was created for users to suggest new translations, rate existing ones, and provide feedback for optimization. Over time, Google's language technology advanced, making user-generated contributions less essential as machine learning techniques improved.

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Editor's P/S:

The discontinuation of Google Translate's Contribute feature marks a shift in the company's approach to translation accuracy. While the feature once played a vital role in sourcing user feedback and improving translations, Google's advancements in machine learning and neural machine translation have rendered it less necessary. The new focus on feedback through the Android and iOS apps and the desktop version ensures that users can still provide input, but it also streamlines the process and reduces the reliance on manual contributions.

Despite the discontinuation of the Contribute feature, Google remains committed to providing accurate and reliable translations. The company's ongoing investment in language technology, coupled with the feedback mechanisms now in place, suggests that Google Translate will continue to evolve and meet the evolving needs of users.