Game of Thrones: Unveiling the North's Unforgettable Vengeance

Game of Thrones: Unveiling the North's Unforgettable Vengeance

Discover the true significance behind the iconic Game of Thrones phrase The North Remembers and delve into its connection to executions, rebellions, and the enduring strength of the North

"The North Remembers" has been the rallying cry for northern Game of Thrones characters, serving as a reminder that the North never forgot the injustices inflicted upon their oldest House by enemies from the South. Notable characters like Lyanna Mormont, Arya Stark, and even a humble servant of the Boltons at Winterfell have used this phrase. In episode 1 of season 8, titled "Winterfell," Daenerys Targaryen arrives in Winterfell with her Unsullied, Dothraki, and dragons, but the Northerners are far from pleased. They view her with suspicion as an outsider, something Jon Snow had warned her about. As they pass disapproving faces, Jon remarks, "I warned you. Northerners don't trust outsiders."

The North, being the largest region in Westeros, stands in stark contrast to the other regions in terms of geography, religious practices, customs, and traditions. While the southern regions display significant physical variations, the North distinguishes itself in many ways. Its harsh climate presents an economic disadvantage, but it is the Northerners, like former Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, who sacrificed their lives to defend the giant ice Wall, originally built to protect the realms of men from the threat of White Walkers.

Before the talk of the Walkers, the Wall initially served as a means to protect the realm from the Wildlings, also known as the Free Folk. The North, where the worship of the Old Gods prevails, stood as the bastion of resistance against the Andal invasion, giving it the esteemed position in Westeros. Nevertheless, the North has endured countless hardships and made numerous sacrifices for the realm. Amidst the tragic events that unfold in Game of Thrones, the phrase "The North Remembers" carries significant weight.

Executions And Rebellions

Game of Thrones: Unveiling the North's Unforgettable Vengeance

In the first episode of Game of Thrones season 1, titled "Winter Is Coming," King Robert Baratheon, known for overthrowing the Targaryens during the war named Robert's Rebellion, travels to Winterfell, the seat of power in the North. His purpose is to request the Lord of the Castle and Warden of the North, Eddard Stark, to be his Hand. Upon his arrival, Robert's initial priority is to pay a visit to the crypts where Lyanna Stark, the love of his life who passed away during the war, is interred. Despite being the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and married into the wealthy Lannister family, he still longs for the woman he lost. Although Game of Thrones states that Robert and his allies rebelled due to the supposed kidnapping of Lyanna by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, the truth is that they were in love. Furthermore, the unlawful killings of Lyanna's father and brother, Rickard and Brandon Stark, by the Mad King served as further motivation for the Starks to support Robert in the war.

The North Endures

After the end of Robert's war, Eddard, the Lord of Winterfell, faces a cruel fate as he is unjustly executed by Ser Ilyn Payne under the orders of Joffrey Baratheon. In response, Robb, Ned's eldest son, rallies the Stark bannermen and leads them in a march towards the South to wage war. What began as a rebellion soon evolves into a powerful movement for independence when Greatjon Umber, defying declarations for Stannis and Renly, instead pledges loyalty to Robb. Consequently, Robb Stark is declared as the rightful King in the North. However, his reign is brutally crushed during the infamous Red Wedding, orchestrated by the treacherous Freys and Boltons who feigned support for the Northern army. Except for the Karstarks, whose forces abandoned Robb after he executed Rickard Karstark, the entirety of Robb's army is annihilated. The North is forcibly reintegrated into the realm, with Roose Bolton being appointed as the new Warden of the North.

Game of Thrones: Unveiling the North's Unforgettable Vengeance

Subsequently, Lord Petyr Baelish arranges Sansa's marriage to Ramsay, the son of Roose Bolton. Although she is led to believe that this union will give her an opportunity to seek revenge for her family, Ramsay subjects her to unspeakable horrors. While Sansa resides in Winterfell, a common serving woman employed by the Boltons utters the phrase, "The North Remembers," conveying to her that loyal supporters of House Stark still hold onto their memories of the past. Eventually, Sansa manages to escape from Ramsay and is reunited with her half-brother, Jon Snow, at Castle Black.

The North witnesses a surge in violence as Jon and his allies engage in a war to reinstate House Stark as the ruling power. Under Jon's leadership, the Free Folk, along with House Hornwood, Mazin, and Mormont, join forces. This conflict reaches its climax in the Battle of Bastards, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Northerners. Ultimately, House Stark is restored to its former glory, and Jon Snow is proclaimed King in the North. Jon successfully retakes his ancestral seat from the Boltons, culminating in the downfall of House Bolton. However, Lady Lyanna Mormont admonishes the Stark bannermen, including Lord Manderly, for their refusal to answer the call for aid. With her powerful words, she silences the crowd, reminding them that House Mormont, along with the rest of the North, will never forget.

At this juncture in the narrative, akin to Greatjon Umber, the Northerners have grown weary of obeying commands from a distant king reigning in the blossoming Southern lands. They are no longer obligated to support the dragons, and given the fragmented state of the realm, they seize the moment and assert their independence once again. They pledge never to submit to anyone else in the future, and Lyanna proclaims Jon Snow as the King in the North:

"Our allegiance lies solely with the King of the North, bearing the name Stark. It matters not if he is deemed a bastard. The blood of Ned Stark flows through his veins. He is our ruler – from this day until his final day."

The other bannermen take up the cry, some offer apologies and others vow to fight beside Jon Snow in the wars to come.

The North Remembers

Game of Thrones: Unveiling the North's Unforgettable Vengeance

At the start of the first episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones titled "Dragonstone," Arya, the youngest daughter of Ned Stark, also utters the phrase, "The North Remembers," to Kitty, Walder's ninth wife. They observe the members of House Frey and their associates succumbing to the effects of poisoned wine, causing them to choke and bleed. Arya then leaves a message with Kitty.

When asked about the events that unfolded here, respond with the words, "The North Remembers." These words symbolize the deep-rooted emotions and resilience of the North. It remains stoic in the face of hardships and retaliates fiercely. The North is an unforgiving and cold force that reclaims what is rightfully its own. In the finale of Game of Thrones titled "The Iron Throne," Sansa Stark successfully secures independence for the North. She recounts the injustices suffered by her homeland and emphasizes that it had existed as an independent region for thousands of years before the arrival of the Targaryens in Westeros. With the approval of Bran Stark, Sansa is crowned as the Queen in the North. Under her leadership, the North will not only recover from its past betrayals but also remain cautious of the South.