Enhancing Programmatic Precision: RTB House Harnesses Generative AI

Enhancing Programmatic Precision: RTB House Harnesses Generative AI

RTB House harnesses generative AI for enhanced programmatic accuracy, leveraging first-party publisher data The cutting-edge ContentGPT tool offers unparalleled reader insights, surpassing traditional context-based targeting methods

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RTB House has introduced a cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI) solution that utilizes first-party publisher data to offer marketers more accurate consumer insights, as stated in a press release.

The ad-tech firm is introducing ContentGPT as a solution to the upcoming phase-out of third-party cookies. ContentGPT’s technology is designed to provide a more comprehensive insight into content and user preferences compared to traditional context-based targeting and audience classification methods.

RTB House claims to have the expertise to address the scalability issues related to managing generative AI trained on the open web, thanks to its experience with advanced real-time bidding solutions. With the emergence of this technology, more ad-tech providers may launch their own generative AI in the coming months as marketers explore its practical applications.

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ContentGPT is set to enhance various aspects of RTB House’s programmatic product suite. The AI tool will bolster the core performance-oriented services of the real-time bidding specialist, while also increasing precision in content targeting through its AdLook buying platform and audience segmentation through its PrimeAudience solution. These improvements are in preparation for the discontinuation of third-party cookies in Google Chrome next year, a highly-anticipated change that is expected to reshape the basics of digital marketing.

ContentGPT is based on generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs) and large language models (LLMs), drawing inspiration from widely used software such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The tool collects extensive first-party publisher data from various sources on the open web in order to better understand consumer interests and their intentions when visiting a web page. This allows for a level of subtlety that surpasses traditional context-based targeting, according to RTB House.

Michael Lamb, who joined RTB House as chief commercial officer in October, stated in a press release, “Our goal is to become leaders in open internet marketing, and ContentGPT is an essential component for achieving this. A highly accurate understanding of content across the open web is vital for programmatic advertising, and we take pride in being at the forefront of enabling brands to leverage this data.”

ChatGPT's launch a year ago led to a surge in investments in the generative AI category, resulting in an increase in proprietary offerings in the advertising space. Despite the high costs and computational demands associated with generative AI, RTB House is confident in its ability to handle these challenges due to its expertise in deep-learning algorithms for programmatic media-buying.

In addition to its role in the cookie phaseout conversation, RTB House is a partner in Google's Privacy Sandbox initiative, which aims to explore alternatives to traditional ad-targeting tactics. In February, the Polish-based company expressed concern that the timeline for the cookie transition could be further delayed if more publishers and ad-tech vendors, particularly on the supply side, did not test out Google's FLEDGE auction, which was later rebranded as the Protected Audience API.