Dive into the Epic Showdown: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 Unveiled!

Dive into the Epic Showdown: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 Unveiled!

Get ready for an action-packed ride in Dragon Ball Super chapter 96! Brace yourself for the electrifying powers of Orange Piccolo, the arrival of Krillin and 18, and the thrilling anticipation of Cell Max's awakening Don't miss out on the epic battles and surprises that await!


The highly anticipated Dragon Ball Super chapter 96 will delve into the awe-inspiring transformation of Orange Piccolo, unveiling his staggering power as he goes head-to-head with Gamma 2.

This forthcoming chapter is poised to showcase an exciting development as Krillin and 18 join the fray, potentially assuming greater significance in the narrative compared to their roles in the movie adaptation.

The exploration of the Gamma Androids' personalities, which are not inherently evil, could be further developed, potentially resulting in the introduction of Cell Max as the central antagonist of the story arc. Dragon Ball Super chapter 95 was recently released, generating immense anticipation among fans for the future of the story. The ongoing manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been met with great enthusiasm. In the previous chapter, fans were treated to intense action sequences featuring Gohan and Gamma 1, alongside Piccolo and Gamma 2.

This chapter delved into the immense capabilities and possibilities of the Gamma Androids, effectively highlighting the Z warriors' struggles against them. Additionally, towards the conclusion, the chapter unveiled a new form for Piccolo, which will be central to Dragon Ball Super chapter 96.

Orange Piccolo's Powers

Dive into the Epic Showdown: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 Unveiled!

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 96, the spotlight will be on Orange Piccolo. Despite utilizing his unleashed potential powers, Piccolo struggled to keep up with Gamma 2 in the previous chapter. However, an unexpected surprise was unveiled by Shenron. This surprise takes the form of Orange Piccolo, a brand new transformation never seen before by fans. Sadly, fans were not able to witness Orange Piccolo's abilities in action in the previous chapter. Luckily, Dragon Ball Super chapter 96 will finally showcase Piccolo's new transformation and demonstrate his true potential.

This new transformation for Piccolo is a significant power boost that places him on the same level as Goku and Vegeta. Throughout their fight, Piccolo has struggled against Gamma 2, unable to keep up and lacking the necessary strength to inflict damage. With time passing, his power weakens further. That's why this incredible transformation was necessary for Piccolo, and now that he has it, he will effortlessly overpower Gamma 2. The upcoming chapter will delve into the extensive abilities of Orange Piccolo.

Fans have yet to witness the full potential of Orange Piccolo, particularly in the manga. While the movie has already showcased the immense power granted by this transformation, the manga may take a different approach to provide fans with an enjoyable surprise. However, there is no doubt that Piccolo will be exceptionally powerful, enough to overpower Gamma 2. Expect this fight to be completely one-sided, with Piccolo holding a significant advantage throughout.

Krillin And 18 Arrive

Dive into the Epic Showdown: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 Unveiled!

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter kicks off with Krillin and 18 discussing their plan to join the fight against the Red Ribbon Army. Krillin senses Gohan's energy from afar and feels compelled to assist. Despite 18's suspicions, she decides to accompany him. These two characters will also have a significant role in the upcoming storyline. Fans already know that they will soon join forces with Gohan and Piccolo, possibly in the next chapter, Dragon Ball Super chapter 96. Whether their involvement will be major or minor remains uncertain. It's worth noting that the manga may deviate from the movie's storyline, offering surprises and potential alterations. Krillin and 18 might have a more substantial role in the manga compared to the movie, so fans should stay tuned. In any case, their entry into the battle will become even more intriguing when they confront a far greater threat than the mostly benevolent Gamma Androids seen thus far.

Intriguingly, Piccolo previously discussed the Androids' personalities and how they did not appear inherently evil. He expressed dissatisfaction with the notion that they merely obeyed the wrong person and lacked personal freedom. This concept may be further explored in the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super, with more emphasis on the Androids' individual traits. Ultimately, these Androids possess emotions and sentiments that could potentially play a role in the forthcoming chapter.

If the determination of these Androids continues to falter, it would necessitate the introduction of a more formidable villain in the arc. Fans are well aware of who this antagonist will be. Despite potentially significant alterations in the plot of the manga arc compared to the movie, the primary adversary will remain unchanged. Fans anticipate that Cell Max will make an appearance at some point in this arc, and Dragon Ball Super chapter 96 is likely to shine a spotlight on this.

The Awakening Of Cell Max Gets Closer

Dive into the Epic Showdown: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 Unveiled!

The main antagonist in this arc of Dragon Ball Super will be Cell Max, a beloved villain in the Dragon Ball community and considered by fans to be one of the best antagonists in the story. Cell played a crucial role in unlocking Gohan's inner potential, making him significant in this arc. However, there will be some differences compared to the Cell seen in the original Cell Saga.

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 96, the plot will advance towards the awakening of Cell Max, particularly with Piccolo's increased strength compared to Gamma 2. Gohan and Piccolo had previously struggled against these Androids, but now Piccolo will be much stronger than both of them combined, necessitating a stronger villain. Cell Max's awakening is anticipated, putting both Piccolo and Gohan's powers to the test. The focus will be on Orange Piccolo, and fans can expect the next chapter to showcase his capabilities. Towards the end of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96, fans may receive some development related to the awakening of Cell Max.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 is set to be released on August 20, 2023. As always, fans can expect to read the chapter for free on the Manga Plus and the Shonen Jump app.