Denzel Washington's 2004 Career-Defining Moment is Taking Streaming Platforms by Storm!

Denzel Washington's 2004 Career-Defining Moment is Taking Streaming Platforms by Storm!

Denzel Washington's iconic role in the 2004 hit film Man on Fire is captivating audiences once again as it returns to streaming on Netflix


Man on Fire, the action film starring Denzel Washington, has emerged as a streaming sensation on Netflix, securing the seventh spot globally for an impressive four consecutive weeks.

In spite of its less than favorable critical reception, Man on Fire manages to captivate a substantial audience of Netflix subscribers in search of thrilling action-packed movies.

Netflix is planning to bring back the main character John Creasy in a new series, but the actor taking on Denzel Washington's role will face a difficult challenge.

Denzel Washington's 2004 action film, Man on Fire, has become a highly popular streaming choice on Netflix, consistently ranking in the top ten worldwide for four consecutive weeks. Directed by the late Tony Scott, the movie featured Washington as an alcoholic ex-CIA agent who seeks revenge after the young girl he was assigned to protect is kidnapped by a criminal group. Despite having a budget of approximately $70 million, the film earned $130 million at the global box office. However, critics were not particularly impressed with Man on Fire, resulting in a 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix Is Bringing Back Denzel Washington’s Man On Fire Character

Despite not being one of Washington's most critically acclaimed movies, Man on Fire has become a massive hit on Netflix for subscribers looking for an action-packed film on their movie nights. As per Netflix's statistics, Man on Fire currently holds the seventh position worldwide on the popular streaming service and has consistently remained in the top 10 for four consecutive weeks. Surprisingly, it even surpasses Netflix's own original action movie for 2023, Extraction 2, by one rank.

Denzel Washington's 2004 Career-Defining Moment is Taking Streaming Platforms by Storm!

Following a recent surge in streaming views, Man on Fire is set to be revitalized by Netflix through a new eight-episode series. The upcoming show, written by Kyle Killen of Halo fame, centers around John Creasy, a former mercenary seeking vengeance for the death of his close companion while safeguarding the fallen comrade’s daughter from the destructive forces that shattered her family. It is worth noting that Man on Fire originated as one of the gripping novels in the John Creasy series penned by A.J. Quinnell.

The upcoming John Creasy show on Netflix is yet to reveal who will be chosen to fill Washington's shoes. Whoever takes on the role will face a challenging task. Despite Man on Fire not receiving critical acclaim, it has a strong fan base, largely due to Washington's powerful portrayal of the complex hero, Creasy. It is also worth acknowledging the stylish contribution of director Scott to the film.