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Striking the Balance: Integrating Data and Brand for Future-Ready Marketers

In the dynamic marketing landscape, BP's marketing leader, Nicola Buck, emphasizes the crucial harmony between data-driven strategies and brand development. Discover how marketers can navigate the evo...

BP and UAE halt $2 billion gas deal in Israel amidst ongoing conflict in Gaza

BP and an oil company from the United Arab Emirates have decided to halt discussions on acquiring a 50% stake in Israel's top natural gas producer, deeming the $2 billion agreement too precarious due...

Energy prices soar as BP halts oil tanker transit in Red Sea

BP halts Red Sea oil tanker transits amid mounting assaults by Houthi rebels in Yemen, causing a surge in energy prices

Lidl's Marketing Pro Fueled for a New Journey as VP of Marketing at BP

Claire Farrant, accomplished Lidl marketer, embarks on a new chapter as VP of Marketing at BP, bringing her remarkable eight-year tenure to the oil giant