9 Hilarious Austin Butler Elvis Memes That Will Make You Laugh

9 Hilarious Austin Butler Elvis Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Experience the comedic side of Austin Butler's portrayal of Elvis in the 2022 movie through these hilarious memes that capture the fun and relatable moments of the film.

Elvis Or Gru?

The dilemma of choosing between two contrasting cinematic experiences is humorously captured in this meme. It juxtaposes the intense, sweat-drenched portrayal of Elvis by Austin Butler with the light-hearted animation of Minions: Rise of Gru, reflecting the amusing paradox of the two 2022 releases and modern cinema where diverse genres coexist.

The contrast between the deep emotional gravitas of Elvis and the whimsical, child-friendly nature of Minions is comedically exaggerated by the image of Butler's perspiring Elvis, offering a range from historical dramatizations to animated comedies, each appealing to different moods and audiences.

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Looking Cute In The Heat

Humorously portraying the struggle to maintain composure and style in sweltering heat, this meme resonates particularly during the summer, adding a layer of relatable humor to the image of Butler's sweat-soaked Elvis. It cleverly juxtaposes the glamorized image of celebrities with the relatable discomfort of everyday people in hot weather, emphasizing the universality of this struggle.

The image of Butler's sweat-soaked Elvis as a metaphor for anyone attempting to look their best despite the oppressive heat adds a layer of relatable humor, cleverly juxtaposing the glamorized image of celebrities with the relatable discomfort of everyday people in hot weather.

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Pictures You Can Smell

This meme brings a humorous and imaginative perspective to Austin Butler's portrayal of Elvis, highlighting the effectiveness of Butler's portrayal in evoking a strong sensory response. It playfully exaggerates the sweaty aspect of the Elvis image and the movie's stage performances, implying that the intense physicality and exertion are almost tangible through the screen.

By suggesting that the images are so vivid they can almost be smelled, it humorously captures the immersive quality of the film and Butler's commitment to embodying Elvis' dynamic presence.

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The 2 AM Realization

Using the image of Austin Butler's intense weight gain for Elvis, this meme mirrors a universally relatable scene of late-night introspection after a night out. It encapsulates the contrast between the initial, glamorous expectations of a night out and the often less polished reality that unfolds.

It’s a comedic, self-aware nod to those moments of late-night introspection, where the mirror reveals a disheveled yet authentic version of ourselves, much like the raw and intense portrayal of Elvis.

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1977 Austin Butler Is Real

Playing on the popular internet trope, this meme humorously describes an exaggerated conversation between a person and their therapist about irrational fears. It highlights the impactful nature of Butler's performance, suggesting that it is so vivid and powerful that it transcends the screen, becoming a comically overstated source of fear or anxiety.

The humor comes from the juxtaposition of rational advice with the intense, almost intimidating image of Butler as Elvis, offering a humorous take on irrational fears.

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Elvis On Hot Ones

Cleverly referencing the popular YouTube show Hot Ones, this meme humorously juxtaposes the image of Austin Butler as a sweaty Elvis with a common reaction guests have on the show. It connects the pop culture phenomenon of the show with the iconic portrayal of Elvis, highlighting the intense physical and emotional reactions both scenarios elicit.

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The Prosthetics Are Actually Authentic

More informative than a meme, this tweet provides a witty commentary on the film's use of prosthetics and makeup to age Austin Butler into an older Elvis. It humorously acknowledges the complexities of biographical filmmaking and the evolving perceptions of authenticity among the audience.

Initially, viewers might find the prosthetics somewhat jarring or unconvincing, but the meme humorously points out that when compared to actual footage of Elvis Presley from 1977, the film's portrayal becomes more credible.

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The Summer Look

This meme humorously depicts the common and somewhat mundane experience of dealing with extreme heat. It offers a comedic and hyperbolic visual representation of how exaggeratedly taxing these activities can feel, resonating with anyone who has had to endure the oppressive heat while performing simple tasks.

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Elvis Has The Meat Sweats

This meme humorously attributes Austin Butler's intensely sweaty Elvis to 'meat sweats,' playfully exaggerating the physical exertion and emotional intensity of Elvis's performances by likening it to the bodily reaction some experience after a heavy, protein-rich meal.

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Elvis Has Been 'Constipated For Days'

In a more humorous and slightly irreverent take, this meme pokes fun at the strained and intense expression of Butler's Elvis, reflecting the meme's tendency to find light-hearted humor in even the most serious or dramatic representations. It underscores the ability of audiences to playfully reinterpret cinematic moments, transforming them into surreal scenarios.