World Trigger Stage at Jump Festa 2024: Timetable, Streaming Details, and Anticipated Surprises

World Trigger Stage at Jump Festa 2024: Timetable, Streaming Details, and Anticipated Surprises

Get ready for an exciting World Trigger stage at Jump Festa 2024! This event promises to unveil hints about season 4 and will be streamed on the Blue Stage Don't miss out on the thrilling surprises and announcements in store for fans!

Fans from around the world are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Jump Festa 2024 event, a thrilling gathering that will showcase a wide range of beloved anime and manga stages. Some time ago, an event schedule was unveiled, providing additional insights into the timing of each stage and the special guests who will be participating.

The immensely popular manga, World Trigger, created by Daisuke Ashihara, has already been adapted into an anime series, with three seasons having been released thus far. The most recent season premiered approximately two years ago. While a fourth season of the anime has yet to be officially confirmed, fans are anxiously awaiting any news on the matter that may be revealed at Jump Festa 2024.

World Trigger stage at Jump Festa 2024 may shed some light on the possibility of season 4

World Trigger Stage at Jump Festa 2024: Timetable, Streaming Details, and Anticipated Surprises

Yuuma, Osamu and Chika as seen in the World Trigger anime(image via Toei Animation)

The World Trigger Blue stage at this year's Jump Festa will be held on December 17, 2023. It is scheduled to be the third stage of the second day, from 12 pm JST to 12:30 pm JST. Fans don't have to worry about missing much, as the only other stage happening at that time is the Rurouni Kenshin Red Stage.

There isn't much information available yet about the World Trigger Blue stage. However, fans can expect discussions about the manga. Usually, the manga creators and voice actors of an anime series attend the event as panel guests to answer questions from the audience. So, there might be some exciting revelations for World Trigger anime fans at the event.

It's to be noted that the timings of Jump Festa 2024 are provided in Japanese Standard Time. For people all around the world, the timings are given below:

Time ZoneRelease TimeRelease DayRelease Date
Pacific Daylight Time7 pmSaturdayDecember 16, 2023
Central Daylight Time9 pmSaturdayDecember 16, 2023
Eastern Daylight Time10 pmSaturdayDecember 16, 2023
Greenwich Mean Time3 amSundayDecember 17, 2023
Central European Summer Time4 amSundayDecember 17, 2023
Indian Standard Time8:30 amSundayDecember 17, 2023
Philippine Standard Time11 amSundayDecember 17, 2023
Australian Central Standard Time12:30 pmSundayDecember 17, 2023

World Trigger Jump Festa 2024 Blue Stage streaming details

Anime fans in Japan have the opportunity to personally attend Jump Festa 2024 and experience the World Trigger Blue Stage. However, fans worldwide can watch the event online through the official Jump Festa website or their YouTube channel. Fortunately, subtitles will be available throughout the event for those who are not fluent in Japanese, ensuring that everyone can follow along in real time.

What to expect from the World Trigger Blue Stage at Jump Festa 2024?

World Trigger Stage at Jump Festa 2024: Timetable, Streaming Details, and Anticipated Surprises

Yuuma, Hyuse, Osamu and Chika as seen in World Trigger(image via Toei Animation)

According to the official website of Jump Festa, the World Trigger Blue Stage will be hosted by several voice actors from the event. These actors include Tomo Muranaka (Yuuma Kuga), Yuki Kaji (Osamu Mikumo), Junichi Suwabe (Masataka Ninomiya), and Yuko Sanpei (Yuzuru Ema). Currently, there is no significant information available about their appearance.

However, it is worth considering the possibility of a fourth season of the anime. With the World Trigger manga coming to a close, it is likely that the event will focus on the manga's storyline and updates. Fans of the anime should also remain attentive for any potential announcements regarding a new season of the series.

Editor's P/S

As a World Trigger fan, I am thrilled about the upcoming Jump Festa 2024 event. The series holds a special place in my heart, and I eagerly await any news or announcements regarding its future. The possibility of a fourth season is particularly exciting, as it would allow the story to continue and explore new aspects of the World Trigger universe.

The Jump Festa event provides an excellent platform for fans to connect with the creators and voice actors behind their favorite series. The discussions and Q&A sessions offer valuable insights into the creative process and the inspirations behind the characters and storylines. I hope to hear more about the upcoming manga storyline and any potential plans for a new anime season.

Overall, I am eagerly anticipating the World Trigger Blue Stage at Jump Festa 2024. The event promises to be a celebration of the series and a chance for fans to engage with the community. I am keeping my fingers crossed for exciting announcements and surprises that will leave a lasting impression on the World Trigger fandom.