Wix Marketplace Expands: Partner-Listed Templates Now Available for Sale

Wix Marketplace Expands: Partner-Listed Templates Now Available for Sale

Discover an array of quality templates in the Wix Marketplace, curated by partners for your convenience. Explore and purchase templates tailored to your needs!

Wix Studio Partners

Wix recently made an exciting announcement that Wix Studio agency and enterprise partners now have the opportunity to sell their templates in the Wix Marketplace. This new feature provides partners with a fresh avenue to increase their earnings through Wix, while also giving Wix publishers the chance to explore and utilize professionally designed templates.

Wix Studio is designed for agencies and enterprise users who oversee multiple websites. It offers a convenient workspace for managing client sites all in one place. With the AI-powered Studio Editor, teams can collaborate and design websites without needing to code. The platform also supports custom CSS for added flexibility.

Wix Marketplace Expansion

Templates Must Pass Quality Check

Wix partners now have the opportunity to sell their templates directly to users on the Marketplace, in addition to their other services like web design, SEO, logo, and graphic design. This new feature not only allows partners to expand their offerings but also helps them generate leads.

A benefit of the Marketplace offers pre-screened professionals and all templates must pass a review for quality and usability before being listed.

Wix team members review templates for:

Design & Aesthetics

Layout & structure

Template Exclusivity


Michal Bignitz, VP of Partners at Wix, believes that expanding the Wix Marketplace to include template sales is a great way to help partners increase their revenue and establish a stronger presence in the Wix community. This move also encourages a vibrant ecosystem of creativity and innovation. Partners have the chance to collaborate with other experts and benefit from their skills, as shown by the impressive templates that blend design and development expertise.

At Studio, we believe in creating a vibrant environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Our goal is to become the go-to place for experts in web design, development, user experience, marketing, SEO, and more to monetize their creations and collaborate.

If you're interested in learning more about how to sell templates, we have resources available for you.

Sell Wix Studio Templates

Editor's P/S:

The expansion of the Wix Marketplace to include template sales offers exciting opportunities for both Wix Studio partners and Wix publishers. Partners can now showcase their design and development skills by selling their professionally designed templates, while publishers gain access to a wider range of high-quality templates to enhance their website designs. This move not only fosters creativity and innovation but also strengthens the Wix community by connecting experts in various fields.

The pre-screening process ensures that templates meet high standards of quality and usability, giving publishers confidence in the templates they purchase. Additionally, the collaboration opportunities within Studio allow partners to share their expertise and create truly exceptional templates that meet the diverse needs of Wix users. This expansion of the Wix Marketplace is a testament to Wix's commitment to empowering its partners and providing publishers with the tools they need to create stunning websites.