What is Word Of Mouth? The power of WOM in advertising

What is Word Of Mouth? The power of WOM in advertising

What is Word of Mouth? Its role and influence on the marketing activities of the business. Methods to help businesses promote word of mouth advertising activities.

When you start to study advertising materials in Marketing, you will surely come across the concept of word of mouth advertising, as well as its important influence on marketing activities of businesses. . Therefore, let's learn together with hocmarketing.org the content surrounding this form of advertising.

What is Word Of Mouth?

What is Word Of Mouth?

Word of Mouth (abbreviated as WOM) is a form of advertising in which a customer who has used a business's product/service introduces and recounts his experience of that product/service to potential customers. other ability.

Customers after being introduced and using the product/service may continue to refer to one or more other potential customers, and if it continues to repeat, it is called a viral effect.

The power of word of mouth advertising

Word of mouth advertising brings a very high customer conversion rate because the person who delivers the message is the living proof of that product/service experience. In addition, the mentality "if others can use it, I can also use it" is also a factor contributing to improving the effectiveness of this form of advertising.

The more "natural" word-of-mouth advertising takes place, the more the business's brand is trusted and chosen by customers. In addition, "natural" word-of-mouth advertising will also help businesses save costs on advertising campaigns of other forms.

According to the development of science and technology, in this article, hocmarketing will divide word-of-mouth advertising into two main types: offline word-of-mouth advertising and online word-of-mouth advertising.

Offline word-of-mouth advertising includes messages conveyed directly through words when communicating, letters, autobiographical articles in newspapers, magazines...

Meanwhile, online word-of-mouth advertising exists in the form of messages transmitted through online means, such as messages, emails, phone calls, shared content on websites, social networks (viral). ....

Methods to encourage word of mouth

The mechanism of word-of-mouth advertising is that when a customer has a good experience about the product/service of the business, he will recommend to one or more other potential customers. Therefore, providing a good experience, and good for customers, is the only method to promote word-of-mouth advertising.

Any efforts of enterprises to interfere with the above mechanism, by fabricating evidence, hiring people to present false messages... will lead to the risk of losing customers' trust in the brand. brand that the business is building.

However, businesses can promote the process of spreading the message through activities such as interviews, organizing events...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is a form of advertising that relies on the recommendations and opinions of consumers to promote a product or service.
Word of mouth marketing is effective because it is based on trust and credibility. Consumers are more likely to trust the recommendations of people they know and respect.
Businesses can encourage word of mouth marketing by providing excellent customer service, creating a high-quality product, and offering special promotions or incentives for referrals.
Some examples of successful word of mouth marketing campaigns include Apple's iPod, the Harry Potter book series, and the Dollar Shave Club.
The benefits of word of mouth marketing for businesses include increased brand awareness, higher customer loyalty, and a lower cost of advertising.