Unveiling the World's Narrowest Hotel: Measuring Only Nine Feet Across

Unveiling the World's Narrowest Hotel: Measuring Only Nine Feet Across

PituRooms, located in Central Java, Indonesia, is renowned as the world's skinniest hotel, measuring a mere nine feet across This unique boutique hotel offers a limited selection of seven cozy rooms, immersing guests in a one-of-a-kind experience

A new hotel in Indonesia is aiming to claim the title of the "skinniest hotel in the world." However, its creator emphasizes that this project goes beyond setting a record; it is about attracting global recognition for the quaint town he considers his hometown. Raised in Salatiga, Central Java, Ary Indra pursued a career as an architect in Jakarta and Singapore but ultimately felt compelled to return to Salatiga and contribute his expertise to the community.

Located on a previously disregarded plot of land, the now thriving PituRooms stands as a testament to its unique dimensions that dissuaded others from pursuing development. PituRooms, derived from the Javanese word for "seven," is an intimate hotel comprising seven rooms nestled within its slender structure, measuring a mere 2.8 meters (9 feet) in width.

Ascending to a height of five floors, each of the seven rooms boasts ample space to accommodate a double bed and features a compact yet well-appointed bathroom furnished with a shower and toilet. Embracing the essence of the locality, every room exudes its individual charm, enhanced by captivating local artwork and tasteful interiors.

Indra, speaking to CNN, expresses his desire for people to discover Salatiga in a fresh and unique manner. He takes pride in owning, designing, and managing PituRooms alongside his dedicated team. This endeavor serves as his innovative platform to promote a distinct form of tourism that actively engages local communities.

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Salatiga, located 300 miles southeast of Jakarta, remains largely unfamiliar to foreigners who typically choose to visit Yogyakarta, Surabaya, or the neighboring island of Bali for their vacations. This is exemplified by Indra's statement to CNN, revealing that PituRooms, inaugurated in December 2022, has attracted a mere "five percent" of its guests from outside Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Salatiga is recognized as a tolerant city with excellent cuisine, well-developed infrastructure, and a high quality of life. During the colonial era, it was a favored destination for weekend trips among the Dutch. While many Indonesians perceive Salatiga as an ideal retirement spot, Indra's goal with PituRooms is to showcase that Salatiga offers much more than just a laid-back lifestyle.

The biggest challenge, apart from the technical difficulties, was the prevailing mindset in the hospitality industry, which commonly revolves around superlatives like biggest, tallest, and most luxurious. However, we aimed to transform this limitation into our greatest selling point. The concept behind this project is a micro-space study where guests can truly experience the potential of living and arranging their movements in a compact yet sufficient space.

PituRooms guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of Mount Merbabu from their hotel rooms, as the city is nestled at its foot. Moreover, apart from the cozy accommodations, locals can also relish the delights of a rooftop restaurant at PituRooms. Additionally, PituRooms has exciting plans to organize events and showcase art exhibitions.