Unveiling the True Mastermind Behind Billy Crudup's Scandalous Subplot in The Morning Show Season 3

Unveiling the True Mastermind Behind Billy Crudup's Scandalous Subplot in The Morning Show Season 3

Cory emerges as a formidable force in The Morning Show Season 3, posing a threat to Bradley's trust and ultimately leading to her downfall Controversial and cunning, Cory's actions have a devastating impact on Bradley's character


In season 3 of The Morning Show, Cory's descent into madness establishes him as the most perilous character due to his blatant disregard for the network and its employees, as he relentlessly pursues personal success.

Bradley's misplaced trust in Cory will ultimately lead to her downfall, as he exploits and deceives her while she consistently depends on him for assistance, oblivious to his deceitful persona.

Cory's cunning manipulation has significantly tarnished Bradley's persona in season 3 of The Morning Show, as her ongoing struggles and unwavering reliance on him make it challenging for viewers to empathize and support her. Removing Cory from the equation may be the sole solution to salvage Bradley's character.

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The Morning Show features flawed characters, and Billy Crudup's portrayal of Cory has placed him in the villain category during season 3. Crudup's performance as Cory, with his deceitful nature and behavior, has been captivating to watch. He has won awards for his role, and his contribution likely influenced the renewal of The Morning Show for season 4. While viewers have a love-hate relationship with Cory, the latest subplot may be pushing his character too far at the expense of others.

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Cory Is The Most Dangerous Character In The Morning Show Season 3

The characters in The Morning Show have always existed in a moral gray area, straddling the line between good and bad, right and wrong. Throughout the past two seasons, Cory has been portrayed as an egomaniac who believes he is doing what is best for UBA, even if it means putting himself first. However, in The Morning Show season 3, Cory's delusions intensify. In the first episode, he even goes as far as to call himself "Jesus," solidifying his status as the most dangerous character. His unwavering obsession with his vision of success blinds him from acknowledging the potential harm he may be causing.

In episode 7 of The Morning Show season 3, Cory equates working at UBA to a war, taking pride in the metaphorical casualties he has left behind. He sees this as a victory and is willing to continue hurting others to achieve his goals. While the show is filled with characters who exhibit similar traits, Cory's danger lies in the fact that he not only possesses power and influence, but also close relationships that shield him from facing consequences. Unlike outsiders such as Paul or Fred, who are also considered egomaniacs, Cory has established himself as an integral part of UBA, making him a formidable force.

The Morning Show Hints Bradley’s Trust In Cory Will Cause Her Downfall

Unveiling the True Mastermind Behind Billy Crudup's Scandalous Subplot in The Morning Show Season 3

In The Morning Show, Bradley and Cory's relationship is deeply complex, encompassing elements of betrayal, manipulation, support, and claims of love. Bradley struggles with desperation, stubbornness, sympathy, and loyalty, while Cory wields power through his position as CEO and his ability to convince Bradley of his trustworthiness.

Throughout their journey, the power dynamic between Bradley and Cory constantly shifts. When Bradley is desperate or in need of assistance, she often turns to Cory for help and friendship, and he reciprocates in kind. However, Cory always maintains the upper hand over Bradley, not just due to his CEO status, but also because he has succeeded in convincing her of his reliability as a person and a friend.

The pinnacle of Cory's manipulation occurs in The Morning Show season 3, where their shared secret regarding Hal's involvement in the January 6 Capitol attack and their subsequent cover-up becomes a defining element of their relationship. Cory believes that Bradley owes him for this secret, and while she occasionally attempts to resist his demands disguised as requests, a part of her still accepts his harmful narrative. This perpetuates the cycle of dependency, with Bradley continuously relying on Cory's assistance and inadvertently reinforcing her indebtedness to him.

The true nature of Bradley becomes evident in The Morning Show season 3, episode 7, proving that he may have gone too far to recognize it. Despite receiving a warning from Cory's mom and having his behavior exposed, Bradley falls into his habit of playing the victim. It seems inevitable that Cory will face a downfall in The Morning Show season 3, and if anyone is pulled down along with him, it is Bradley – the only remaining ally he possibly has.

Cory Has Ruined Bradley’s Character In The Morning Show Season 3

Unveiling the True Mastermind Behind Billy Crudup's Scandalous Subplot in The Morning Show Season 3

Throughout three seasons, The Morning Show has subjected its characters to a significant amount of trauma. Among them, Bradley stands out as someone who just can't seem to catch a break. While it's become customary for Bradley to assign blame to her mother Hal, and even Laura, as sources of her pain, she has failed to recognize Cory's manipulation as the underlying factor behind every problem she currently faces in Season 3 of The Morning Show.

Bradley's character in The Morning Show relies on her suffering to empower Cory, who thrives on fixing problems. However, the excessive amount of pain given to Bradley in the series makes it seem futile for viewers to support her, as she will always be trapped in destructive patterns as long as Cory remains. To save Bradley's character in The Morning Show season 3, Cory must be eliminated, but doing so would also mean removing her from the show.