Unveiling Armored Core 6: Are Mission Briefings Set to Ignite Fan Debates?

Unveiling Armored Core 6: Are Mission Briefings Set to Ignite Fan Debates?

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon introduces exciting changes to the beloved mech series, but its Mission Briefings have the potential to split the fanbase


Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is a highly anticipated return for the series, praised for its evolved gameplay and customization options.

The mission briefings in Armored Core 6 adopt a straightforward and succinct approach, potentially dividing fans who are used to FromSoftware's cinematic storytelling. However, despite the minimalist narrative, the game still delivers a captivating storyline and an exceptional vehicular combat experience that sets the standard for the genre.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, the latest installment in the beloved series, has finally arrived after almost ten years since the previous release, Armored Core: Verdict Day. This highly anticipated title has been met with both critical and commercial success, as players and reviewers alike are raving about the exciting and evolved gameplay that Armored Core 6 offers. As one of FromSoftware's earliest breakout hits, the return of Armored Core holds special significance for long-time fans who have grown alongside the series. However, it is worth noting that FromSoftware's fanbase has also expanded significantly during Armored Core's absence, thanks to the popularity of their more recent titles that have given birth to the Soulsborne genre. While both fans from different eras can expect to thoroughly enjoy the thrilling vehicular combat experience that Armored Core 6 delivers, there is one feature that may spark divided opinions among the fanbase.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon takes the beloved series to new heights by enhancing its already outstanding gameplay for today's audience. Returning are the series' extensive customization options, allowing fans to tailor their playstyle to their personal preferences. In addition, Armored Core 6 introduces new gameplay elements such as Repair Kits, which grant pilots the ability to heal themselves, and an Impact mechanic that brings staggering effects to both player and enemy ACs. Setting itself apart from most other FromSoftware games, Armored Core 6 provides a touch of assistance for newcomers, offering aim-assist during combat and the flexibility to reconfigure builds before reloading a checkpoint.

Armored Core 6's Mission Briefings Cut Straight to the Point

Unveiling Armored Core 6: Are Mission Briefings Set to Ignite Fan Debates?

Armored Core has always prioritized gameplay and customization since its inception. In Armored Core 6, this priority remains strong and is expanded upon. While the gameplay differs from previous titles with the removal of the debt system, the storytelling remains largely the same. Early trailers and developer footage showcased cinematic storytelling elements, but the main narrative of Armored Core 6 is delivered through minimalistic mission briefings.

Each chapter of Armored Core 6 consists of various missions that the player undertakes for different corporations and military forces. As a result, the majority of each chapter's narrative is conveyed through mission briefings. In these briefings, the player's handler or employer provides details about each operation. Instead of presenting an overview of the map or cinematic sequences, Armored Core 6's briefings utilize an audio visualizer overlaid on the Sortie Menu background, occasionally accompanied by silhouette-like images. This approach may be considered outdated by some, but it continues the tradition of previous Armored Core titles where missions are introduced and concluded with narrative-driven briefings.

Armored Core 6's Briefings May Prove Divisive

Unveiling Armored Core 6: Are Mission Briefings Set to Ignite Fan Debates?

After a thrilling tutorial boss fight, the first real mission briefing in Armored Core 6 takes place. While longtime fans of the series are familiar with this style, newcomers from FromSoftware's other games might find it surprising in its simplicity and clarity. Unlike their other titles, which blend cinematic and gameplay cutscenes to enhance the narrative and boss battles, Armored Core 6 opts for a fast-paced gameplay experience and a morally ambiguous storyline, treating the story and boss encounters as mere means to get paid, before shifting focus to the highly coveted substance called Coral.

Armored Core 6's mission briefings have sparked debate among fans, both old and new, of FromSoftware. Online reviewers have already expressed divided opinions on this feature. Some reviewers criticize the briefings as the weakest aspect of the game, while others admire them as an integral part of the series' identity. Regardless of individual opinions, Armored Core 6 has something to offer all types of fans. Its straightforward narrative style is complemented by a captivating story driven by player decisions, combined with a genre-defining vehicular combat that players won't want to miss out on.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is currently for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.