Unleashing Uraraka's Hidden Powers in My Hero Academia Chapter 393

Unleashing Uraraka's Hidden Powers in My Hero Academia Chapter 393

Uraraka's powers surge as she battles Toga, showcasing her full potential in My Hero Academia 393 Experience the thrilling clash and the pivotal conversation that unfolds in this electrifying chapter

Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 393, "A Girl's Ego," by Kohei Horikoshi, translated by Caleb Cook and available in English from Viz Media, ahead.

The recent chapter of My Hero Academia marks a highly anticipated and exceptional moment in the ongoing battle between Toga and Uraraka. Despite the relatively subdued action, the intense emotional impact of this showdown more than compensates.

Villain Names

: The long-awaited culmination of this battle and the resolution of the conflict between these two characters has finally arrived. Chapter 393 of My Hero Academia successfully achieved this, effectively concluding the intense fight between Toga and Uraraka.

Unleashing Uraraka's Hidden Powers in My Hero Academia Chapter 393

In the previous episode, Toga's backstory was shown, with Jin asking her to choose a Villain name. Chapter 393 of My Hero Academia continues this flashback as Toga discusses Villain and Hero names with the members of the League of Villains. The conversation revolves around the fact that Shigaraki and Toga are the only members without villain names. While the others suggest possible names for Toga, she reveals her refusal to have one. Toga explains that she escaped her old life because she wanted to live authentically, and adopting a false persona would contradict her true intentions.

Shigaraki shares a similar belief and argues that the introduction of Hero and Villain names was intended to protect the identities of individuals with Quirks, but ironically brought comic book characters to life. Both Heroes and Villains fully embraced this concept, as it distinguished between those on the side of good and evil. However, Toga, in contrast, opts not to have a name, finding support for her decision in Shigaraki's desire to live authentically. Toga deeply cherishes her time with the League of Villains and holds them all in high regard. The absence of many of her comrades intensifies her anger and solidifies her unwavering conviction in the League.

Toga's Rage

Unleashing Uraraka's Hidden Powers in My Hero Academia Chapter 393

In My Hero Academia chapter 393, all of her memories fuel her rage. She relentlessly unleashes powerful attacks on Uraraka, who is already injured. Despite her injuries, Uraraka continues to fight and tries to connect with Toga on a deeper level. However, Toga interprets her efforts as pity. In response, Toga launches her strongest attack, known as Sad Man's Legion. This technique creates clones that resemble powerful individuals capable of causing destruction on a massive scale. When all hope seems lost, Uraraka manages to persevere and says kind words that deeply affect Toga. She expresses admiration for Toga's smile and urges her not to hide it. Although Toga has committed unforgivable acts, Uraraka assures her that she is willing to listen and support her, without abandoning her or taking away her smile. This act of kindness greatly impacts Toga, causing her to weaken emotionally.

Uraraka's Quirk Awakening

Unleashing Uraraka's Hidden Powers in My Hero Academia Chapter 393

Toga's immense powers were perilously exposed in Chapter 393 of My Hero Academia. With the manifestation of her abilities, it seemed as though the war was doomed, and the dreaded Quirk Doomsday had finally arrived. However, in a stunning turn of events, Uraraka emerged as the savior, harnessing her dormant Quirk just in the nick of time.

Despite many doubting the utility of her Quirk, Uraraka's awakening completely upends previous assumptions, transforming her into one of the most formidable characters in the entire series. Through her Quirk Awakening, she single-handedly obliterates Sad Man's Legion by effortlessly levitating every body, which combined to form a colossal mound, into the sky.

The Final Conversation

She has developed the astonishing ability to levitate others without any physical contact, which poses a great threat due to its inherent danger. This power bears a striking resemblance to Shigaraki's Decay, as he is capable of transmitting it to others without direct physical contact after awakening to it. Similar to Shigaraki, Uraraka can now levitate objects without touching them, and if she desires, she can send them crashing down, resulting in their destruction. However, she firmly believes that her gravitational powers are not intended to cause harm. In chapter 393 of My Hero Academia, she only uses her levitation ability to suspend the clones, taking advantage of this moment to express her heartfelt thoughts to Toga.

Unleashing Uraraka's Hidden Powers in My Hero Academia Chapter 393

My Hero Academia chapter 394 is set to be the final installment showcasing Toga and Uraraka. The impending conversation between these two characters is expected to resolve their conflict. In the latest chapter, we witness Uraraka's earnest efforts to bring about this resolution. After levitating all the clones, she once again extends her assistance to Toga, driven solely by her desire to see her smile radiantly once more. Uraraka firmly believes that Toga possesses a captivating smile that deserves to be embraced rather than concealed. This is starkly contrasted with Toga's parents in the chapter, who cruelly labeled her as deviant and abominable due to her unique smile.

Naturally, Toga's tears flowed and it seems she is open to accepting Uraraka's offering. Uraraka desires authenticity, not hiding behind false emotions, and above all, she wants to share love and romance with Toga. Once again, Uraraka presents the opportunity for them to discuss matters of the heart, which was the focal point of My Hero Academia chapter 393. Additionally, fans are treated to a nostalgic flashback of their childhood, a heartwarming touch from Horikoshi. It appears that Uraraka has finally succeeded in reaching Toga with her feelings, and now the resolution of their conflict will occur through an honest conversation. The outcome of this discussion remains uncertain and will only be revealed in My Hero Academia chapter 394.