Unleashing the Top Gear: Overtake! Aiming to Revolutionize Racing Anime!

Unleashing the Top Gear: Overtake! Aiming to Revolutionize Racing Anime!

Overtake! showcases the potential to become the ultimate racing anime with its thrilling storyline, stunning CGI visuals, and an inspiring underdog narrative Can it truly claim the title as one of the greatest? Let's find out!


Overtake! is a new racing anime that has the potential to become one of the best in the genre due to its unique premise based on an actual real-life racing event.

The anime employs remarkable CGI animation, particularly in the racing sequences, effectively capturing the cars' realistic mechanical motions and enhancing their authenticity.

Centering around the protagonist Haruka Asahina, the narrative chronicles his journey as an underdog driver for a small team, as he overcomes various challenges. Through his unwavering passion for the sport and emerging talent, his story becomes a captivating tale of triumph against the odds.

Despite being one of the most popular genres in anime, racing, particularly in motorsport, is considered one of the least popular subgenres within the sports category. In fact, out of all the racing anime released in the past few decades, only Initial D and Redline managed to garner significant attention. However, there is hope for this subgenre with the upcoming anime series, Overtake!, set to premiere in the Fall 2023 season. While it may appear to be like any other series initially, after watching just two episodes, it becomes evident that Overtake! possesses all the necessary elements to become one of the greatest racing anime ever created. Here are the reasons why.

It's Based On An Actual Racing Event

Unleashing the Top Gear: Overtake! Aiming to Revolutionize Racing Anime!

Overtake! tells the story of Haruka Asahina, a teenage racing driver competing in the Formula 4 Japanese Championship. Unlike other racing stories that may focus on fictional races or street races, Overtake! stands out as it is based on a real-life racing event.

Formula 4 is a part of the esteemed Formula 1 racing family, designed to bridge the gap between professional karting and the more prestigious Formula 3. It serves as a platform to nurture young talent and provide them with valuable experience in open-wheel racing. Success in Formula 4 opens doors to opportunities in Formula 3 and other professional junior open-wheel racing classes.

In the Formula 4 Japanese Championship, drivers from various teams compete on multiple racetracks throughout Japan. Currently, the 2023 season of the championship is underway. Interestingly, one of the tracks featured in the first episode of Overtake!, the Fuji Speedway, is actually used in the Formula 4 event.

While the characters, teams, and cars are fictional, they are based on the real design of the cars, race rules, and the responsibilities of teams and drivers. Even the extravagant costs mentioned in episode 2 reflect the reality of the sport. This dedication to authenticity is sure to bring a smile to every motorsport fan.

Great Use of CGI

Unleashing the Top Gear: Overtake! Aiming to Revolutionize Racing Anime!

The success of recent CGI anime, such as Kaina of The Great Snow Sea and Trigun Stampede!, demonstrates that CGI animation can be just as visually stunning as hand-drawn animation. However, only a few anime studios are bold enough to create entirely CGI animated series. Most opt to use CGI selectively for scenes featuring mechanical movements or a large number of objects, much like the approach taken in Mecha-based series like the Gundam franchise.

This same approach is utilized in Overtake! While the majority of the animation is hand-drawn, the racing scenes are entirely CGI. By employing this technique, viewers are able to witness and experience the authentic mechanical movements of each racing car on the track.

The tires whirl at a rapid pace, the brakes grow hotter with each turn, the suspension diligently absorbs every bump, and the sleek motion of a car poised to overtake its rival. Each mechanical action during the race is effectively portrayed through CGI, enveloping the fictional races in a heightened sense of reality. While it may lack the artistic flair of hand-drawn animation, it compensates with a greater semblance of authenticity.

It Is An Underdog Story

Unleashing the Top Gear: Overtake! Aiming to Revolutionize Racing Anime!

Amidst the frantic enthusiasm of Formula 1 in Japan, a remarkable narrative unfolds. Amongst the elite 20 drivers on the F1 grid stands an ambitious young Japanese racer, Yuki Tsunoda. Representing Red Bull's sister team, Scuderia Alpha Tauri, Tsunoda's team may not be vying for championship glory, but they consistently exhibit prowess and determination in every race weekend. Consequently, whenever Yuki secures points for his team, an electrifying surge of elation engulfs his devoted fanbase. Essentially, he is presently immersed in a compelling underdog tale.

The protagonist of Overtake! shares a similar story. Haruka Asahina, a driver for the smallest team on the grid, faces challenges due to their limited budget and resources compared to the larger teams. Despite being looked down upon by other drivers, Asahina's love for the sport and determination keeps him going. With each race, he gradually reveals his talent to the world, making it a true underdog story.

Interestingly, Yuki Tsunoda, the 2018 Japanese Formula 4 champion, received support from Red Bull Racing, the reigning Formula 1 Constructor champion. This connection suggests that the incredible journey of Yuki Tsunoda may have inspired the fictional story of Overtake! Moreover, both Yuki and Asahina presently race in black and white racing cars, emphasizing the similarities between them.

Overtake! is available to stream on Crunchyroll.