Tom Holland's potential return as Spider-Man to the MCU: What we know so far

Tom Holland's potential return as Spider-Man to the MCU: What we know so far

Tom Holland's devotion to Spider-Man reigns strong as he speaks on the future of the iconic character within the MCU

During an interview for the new series The Crowded Room, Tom Holland discussed his future as Spider-Man and expressed his enthusiasm for reprising the role. Despite the WGA strike stalling meetings for Spider-Man 4, Holland's comments suggest that the superhero's story will continue in the MCU following the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Holland also acknowledged the impressive array of villains in Spider-Man's comic book universe and had difficulty selecting which one the web-slinger should confront next. See his full interview and quote below.

Tom Holland admits that it's a difficult question to answer. Spider-Man boasts some of the most exceptional villains in the comic book realm, and he has a profound affection for the character. Though he would consider himself fortunate to reprise the role, only time will tell.

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Tom Holland's potential return as Spider-Man to the MCU: What we know so far

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, the MCU's version of Spider-Man faced off against some of his most formidable foes to-date, including traditional adversaries like Vulture and Doc Ock, as well as more powerful adversaries like Thanos. The film also introduced an arch-nemesis in the form of Green Goblin, who tragically killed Peter's Aunt May. Throughout the course of the movie, Peter witnessed how each of his foes had lost themselves to technology, mental illness, or power.

Following the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Spider-Man 4 will take an intriguing new direction for the character. With the loss of Aunt May and Doctor Strange's memory-wiping spell erasing Peter Parker from the collective consciousness of the world, the stage is set for the MCU's Peter Parker to become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man he was always meant to be. The film also teased at least one potential antagonist in the form of Venom, with the trace of a symbiote left behind by Eddie Brock.

Kingpin, a formidable villain in the MCU, could be a potential nemesis for Spider-Man if he remains within the confines of New York. He has already established himself as a dangerous opponent, having made appearances in popular series like Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Echo. The upcoming Daredevil: Born Again offers another opportunity for Kingpin to cement his status as a top-tier villain in the MCU. If Spider-Man 4 features Kingpin as the ultimate adversary, it could initiate a new network of alliances between Spider-Man and other prominent New York-based heroes, giving him the much-needed support he needs in his fight against crime.