The Shocking Truth Behind Maggie's Ultimate Revenge on Negan That Will Leave 'The Walking Dead' Fans Speechless

The Shocking Truth Behind Maggie's Ultimate Revenge on Negan That Will Leave 'The Walking Dead' Fans Speechless

Maggie's choice to betray Negan sparks controversy Delving into her personal struggle between revenge and motherhood, this article explores the implications of her actions, questioning if they align with the promise she made in The Walking Dead Season 11 Additionally, it delves into the fascinating parallels between Maggie's story and the original comics


Maggie's quest for retribution against Negan has led her to overlook her own son, Herschel, as she places her thirst for revenge above her responsibilities as a nurturing mother.

Maggie's meticulously devised scheme to ensnare Negan serves as a testament to her unwavering determination for vengeance, even if it means sacrificing Herschel's well-being and emotional equilibrium.

Maggie's act of betrayal towards Negan contradicts her promise in season 11 of The Walking Dead to protect Herschel from negativity, resulting in detrimental consequences for both of them. Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 1 of The Walking Dead: Dead City. As the final episodes of The Walking Dead: Dead City unfold, it becomes evident that Maggie's true intentions are not as altruistic as initially believed. Despite her actions initially seeming to avenge her late husband's murder, her decision to betray Negan proves to be a far more complex and damaging predicament. The Walking Dead: Dead City serves as a sequel spinoff series to AMC's original The Walking Dead, embarking on Maggie's journey as she recruits Negan's aid to rescue her son Herschel. However, their venture into post-apocalyptic New York City uncovers a multitude of unforeseen secrets and challenges.

Maggie Has Put Revenge Before Raising Her Own Son

In the last two episodes of Dead City, it is revealed that Maggie has been deceiving everyone. Contrary to what she led others to believe, her true intention in seeking Negan's assistance to find Herschel was always to satisfy the Croat's demand of handing Negan over to him. This realization dawns upon the audience through a flashback in episode 5. Maggie's calculated actions, including her deliberate ploy to lure Negan into the Croat's trap during the finale, demonstrate her unwavering determination to fulfill the villain's desires. While Maggie justifies her shocking twist in Dead City by citing Negan's brutal murder of Glenn, her thirst for revenge quickly backfires as she realizes the extent to which it has consumed her, causing her to neglect everything else, including Herschel.

The Shocking Truth Behind Maggie's Ultimate Revenge on Negan That Will Leave 'The Walking Dead' Fans Speechless

Maggie's revenge plan, which was falsely attributed to Glenn, had a glaring flaw - her bitterness towards Negan led to her mistreatment of Herschel. In the finale of Dead City season 1, Herschel, even as his mother saves him from the Croat, expresses his resentment by asserting that she prioritized vengeance over caring for him. After some time, Maggie eventually realizes the truth and decides to put an end to the feud once and for all. However, this change of heart cannot erase the fact that Herschel was not her primary concern for the majority of his life.

Would The Walking Dead's Glenn Be Disappointed In Maggie?

Furthermore, it is evident that Maggie prioritized her thirst for revenge over the well-being of her own son, as demonstrated by the intricate nature of her scheme. Despite not desiring her son to be kidnapped, it is telling that she allowed herself to be entangled in this plot and, even worse, exploited it as an opportunity to trap Negan. Maggie could have easily sought assistance from someone else to retrieve Herschel or preemptively informed Negan about the Croat's intentions. By doing so, she would have avoided betraying Negan or causing harm to Herschel. However, in the end, Maggie succumbed to the villain's desires in Dead City, driven solely by her own selfish motives.

The Shocking Truth Behind Maggie's Ultimate Revenge on Negan That Will Leave 'The Walking Dead' Fans Speechless

Glenn's potential disappointment in Maggie's actions is quite conceivable. He may admire her determination to seek vengeance for his death, but he would undoubtedly disapprove of her disregard for Herschel in her pursuit. Undeniably, Herschel is the sole reminder of Glenn's presence in the world of the living, yet Maggie chooses to fixate solely on Glenn's memory rather than her own son who stands before her. It is highly likely that Maggie's behavior in relation to Negan and Herschel after Glenn's passing would have ultimately disappointed him.

Maggie Broke Her Promise From The Walking Dead Season 11

Moreover, the delayed revenge of Maggie, which occurred after more than 15 years since Glenn's death, serves as another negative indication. While it would have been reasonable for Maggie to seek retribution against Negan immediately following Glenn's demise or even a few years later, the fact that it took over a decade suggests that Maggie has never truly moved on. Despite the tragedy of Glenn's passing, it is detrimental for her to remain fixated on that specific moment for such an extended period, especially considering the negative impact it has on Herschel. Ultimately, Maggie's ongoing anger towards Negan reveals her inability to let go of the pain caused by Glenn's death, and it is likely that this anguish has been consuming her until the events of Dead City.

The Shocking Truth Behind Maggie's Ultimate Revenge on Negan That Will Leave 'The Walking Dead' Fans Speechless

What makes Maggie's betrayal even worse is that she explicitly stated in The Walking Dead season 11 that such a thing would never occur. During her final conversation with Negan, Maggie firmly expressed her determination to prevent Herschel from witnessing the impact he had on her. Essentially, she vowed to bury her bitterness and safeguard her son. However, during the events of Dead City, Maggie violated this pledge. Not only did her desire for revenge surface during the unfolding of the story, but it was evident that Herschel had long been aware of her intense dislike for Negan. It appears that Maggie utterly failed in shielding Herschel from her negative emotions, and to make matters worse, they all suffered as a result.

This promise from The Walking Dead season 11 is what adds to the frustration of Maggie's bitter transformation in Dead City. Given that Maggie had her son's welfare in mind at the end of The Walking Dead, it would seem logical for her not to have made the choices she did in Dead City. Nevertheless, this has now become Maggie's central storyline, where she must ultimately find it in her heart to forgive Negan after her major error involving Herschel. Hopefully, her misstep in Dead City will serve as a catalyst for personal growth and in Dead City season 2, she can embark on a healthier path.

How Maggie's Dead City Story Follows The Walking Dead Comics

The Shocking Truth Behind Maggie's Ultimate Revenge on Negan That Will Leave 'The Walking Dead' Fans Speechless

In the realm of The Walking Dead comics, a parallel to this particular situation did not occur. However, resemblances can be found in the dynamics between Maggie and Herschel. The key point of contention for Herschel lies not in Maggie's resentment towards Negan, but rather in her aspirations within the political sphere. Though the storyline diverges, the essence remains unchanged, depicting Herschel gradually resenting his mother and distancing himself from her. As time progresses, he becomes increasingly bitter and descends into darkness. The Walking Dead: Dead City appears to have drawn inspiration from this foundation, introducing a new narrative where a rift materializes between Maggie and Herschel, driven by issues surrounding Negan rather than politics.

Maggie's actions in The Walking Dead: Dead City, particularly her betrayal of Negan, paint her as a villain. Despite the immense grief caused by Glenn's death, her unwillingness to let go of her anger transforms her into not only a traitor but also an inadequate mother. While it may have been justifiable to betray Negan, her neglect of her child only serves to worsen the overall storyline. The series demonstrates that even after more than 15 years, Maggie could have sought solace in Herschel and reconciled with Negan, but The Walking Dead: Dead City reveals that some wounds may never heal in a timely manner.