The NES: Reigning Champion of Retro Gaming on YouTube!

The NES: Reigning Champion of Retro Gaming on YouTube!

The NES reigns supreme as the ultimate retro gaming console on YouTube, witnessing an influx of classic game uploads like no other Dive into nostalgia with this iconic platform, where vintage gaming experiences continue to captivate a massive audience

Today, to commemorate National Video Games Day in the US, YouTube is exploring the world of retro gaming on their platform. This encompasses a wide array of content, ranging from nostalgic reviews to engaging let's play videos.

YouTube's Culture and Trends blog recently published a comprehensive analysis of the performance of retro gaming-related content on their platform throughout the years. This study is reminiscent of the in-depth examination conducted earlier this year, which focused on Mario. According to the blog post, there has been an astronomical increase in retro gaming videos, with 1000 times more content in the first half of this year compared to the same time period in 2007.

In a captivating video hosted by popular gaming influencer Jim Lazarus "Caddicarus" Caddick, a showcase of YouTube's renowned retro gaming channels unfolds. Featured in this enticing blog post are enticing channels such as Gaming Historian, JRPGLife, and more. Additionally, enlightening statistics concerning retro gaming and YouTube emerge, including the fact that retro gaming consoles dominate the majority of the 100 most-viewed videos on retro gaming in the past year.

Each year since 2007, the NES has seen the most uploaded retro gaming content

The top five countries in term of retro gaming video views in 2023 so far are as follows:United States - 370 million

Japan - 290 million

Russia - 67 million

Brazil - 65 million

United Kingdom - 59 milliom

According to the blog, Cinemassacre, the channel responsible for Angry Video Game Nerd, is currently the most-watched NES-related channel of 2023. Additionally, they hold the oldest video on the entire YouTube platform related to the NES, with over one million views. This video is the AVGN review of A Nightmare On Elm Street, uploaded on November 7, 2006.