The Mysterious Case of Emma Roberts' Delirium: Where to Watch and What You Should Know

The Mysterious Case of Emma Roberts' Delirium: Where to Watch and What You Should Know

A deep dive into the elusive Delirium project featuring Emma Roberts, exploring its origins, its status, and how to watch it online. Unravel the mystery surrounding this unaired pilot and the passionate fan campaign that followed.

The Quest for Delirium

If you're hunting for Emma Roberts' Delirium movie, it's complicated - here's how you can watch it online and what you should know. Folks on TikTok have been searching for Emma RobertsDelirium movie – but it’s a bit complicated, so here’s exactly how you can watch it online and what you need to know.

Roberts made her acting debut in 2001’s Blow alongside Johnny Depp, going on to rack up appearances in America’s Sweethearts (alongside her aunt Julia Roberts), Grand Champion, and Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous. 2008 was a critical year for her rise to fame, as she headlined Wild Child. Three years later, she starred in Scream 4 (arguably her best role), before joining the go-to ensemble players of American Horror Story in Coven. However, one project remains a bit mysterious: Delirium, which some people believe to be a movie. That’s not quite the case – let’s get into it.

Where to watch Emma RobertsDelirium: Delirium is only available to stream in one place: across seven separate TikTok videos, which we’ve listed below. We’ll keep this space updated if it’s ever added to a streaming platform, YouTube, or anywhere else.

Emma RobertsDelirium explained: The Delirium 'movie' everyone is searching for isn’t actually a film at all: it’s an unaired pilot from a cancelled TV show. Roberts’ role in the series as Lena Holloway was first announced in 2023. Based on Lauren Oliver’s best-selling trilogy, the show is set in a world where love is illegal and deemed a disease that can be 'cured' with surgery. As you’d expect, she falls in love. The pilot was developed by Karyn Usher and Rodrigo Garcia, and starred Daren Kagasoff as Alex, an 'Invalid' – someone who hasn’t subjected themselves to the dystopian procedure. However, Fox ended up rejecting the pilot, which sparked a social media campaign from fans of the books for the episode to be released elsewhere. A year later, Fox announced it would be added to Hulu… for just 24 days, after which it disappeared from every streaming platform seemingly forever. Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, FOX’s head of multi-platform programming, said (as per IndieWire): 'We have a fully-finished piece of material that’s great. There wasn’t room for it on the air at the time, but because it has been made, and we do believe it’s a great piece of work. It made sense to allow consumers to see what was made.' Unfortunately, despite its continued success on TikTok and occasional appearances on… less legitimate sources, there are no plans to resurrect the series.