The Intriguing Role of Fire Devil in Chainsaw Man's Plotline: The Missing Link (Part 2)

The Intriguing Role of Fire Devil in Chainsaw Man's Plotline: The Missing Link (Part 2)

Chainsaw Man's latest revelation, the Fire Devil, solidifies Tatsuki Fujimoto's brilliant storytelling in the series This theory confirms its crucial role as a connecting thread, leaving fans in awe

Fans of Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man series were recently treated to a series of significant revelations. Among them were the unveiling of Famine Devil Fami and the ultimate intentions of the Chainsaw Man Church. Additionally, the timing of the Death Devil's introduction in the series was disclosed. The focal point of these revelations revolved around the Fire Devil, who was exposed as the true identity of the supposed Justice Devil that Churchgoers had been making deals with.

It was further discovered that the Fire Devil granted its contractors the ability to transform into their deepest desires. As a result, numerous Churchgoers entered into contracts with the Fire Devil, ultimately transforming into Chainsaw Man.

While this does set up an exciting future for Chainsaw Man’s second part, it also answers some questions about past events that have confused fans for quite some time.

Chainsaw Man’s reveal of the Fire Devil quells all doubts about Fujimoto’s direction for the series

The Fire Devil as a connecting thread

The Fire Devil being revealed as Chainsaw Man's Justice Devil has led fans to revisit the events of part 2 in order to understand the connection between them.

Twitter user @alego_cos (Alego) posted a thread suggesting that the contracts symbolize "losing oneself in desire," which is a recurring theme among multiple characters.

According to @alego_cos, although it is widely held that the majority of contractees lose their sense of self, there is likely a range of experiences in terms of the level of control they feel. This can be observed in Yuko, who demonstrated varying degrees of limitations and self-restraint when bidding farewell to Asa Mitaka.

Yuko's character further emphasizes that the contractees' independent thoughts can be overshadowed by the influence of the Fire Devil, thereby affecting their level of self-control.

Likewise, the latest group of Churchgoer zombies in Chainsaw Man are likely going through a similar ordeal. Just like Yuko and Asa’s class president, these Zombies are willing to resort to killing and employing other delusional tactics to fulfill their desires, much like what is happening with the Churchgoers. Their minds have been hijacked by their deepest cravings, resulting in a loss of control over their own thoughts.

In other words, the Fire Devil contractees are ignited by an internal desire, causing them to undergo a transformation where their true selves are consumed by a burning inferno. As a result, the fire irreparably damages the object it engulfs, leaving permanent scars on those fortunate enough to survive.

This phenomenon is exemplified by Yuko, who managed to regain a humanoid shape but was unable to completely revert back to her original human form.

Haruka Iseumi is a character in Chainsaw Man who represents the survival of a scarred Fire Devil contract. His entire identity revolves around the eponymous hero, while still maintaining his own unique personality and beliefs. One example of this is when he expresses his frustration about being kept in the dark regarding the Church's weapons caches.

In relation to Iseumi, there is a theory suggesting that Seigi Akoku, one of his friends, could actually be the Fire Devil. Fans have pointed out the resemblance between Akoku and Agni, a character from Fujimoto's Fire Punch manga series. Additionally, Seigi's first name translates to "justice" in Japanese, and his last name can be read as "aguni" in the same language.

Learning the truth about his friend may even give Iseumi the push he needs to survive the fire that burns inside him.

Both Asa and Denji's arcs in part 2 have revolved around their individual desires, as noted by @alego_cos. Denji longs to be the main protagonist while also prioritizing Nayuta's well-being and a mundane existence. On the other hand, Asa yearns for genuine goodness and acceptance, even if accompanied by occasional missteps. Despite her fears, she craves intimacy and companionship. Both characters share a common goal of rescuing the series' eponymous vigilante.

Up until now, fans have had reservations about Fujimoto's writing in the second part of the series. However, it is evident that everything leading up to this point in the story has been deliberately crafted. As the Academy saga approaches its second half, the only thing left to discover is whether Fujimoto can successfully conclude it. Stay updated on all the latest news regarding Chainsaw Man anime and manga, as well as other developments in the world of anime, manga, film, and live-action throughout 2023.

Editor's P/S

The latest revelations in the Chainsaw Man series have left fans both excited and intrigued, as the true identity of the Justice Devil has been revealed to be the Fire Devil. This revelation has led to a deeper understanding of the series' plotline and the motivations of its characters.

The Fire Devil's ability to grant its contractors the ability to transform into their deepest desires has far-reaching implications for the story. This ability has been used by numerous Churchgoers to transform into Chainsaw Man, setting up an exciting future for the second part of the series. Additionally, this revelation answers questions about past events that have confused fans for quite some time.