The Evolution of Terror: Unleashing Chris's Next Chapter in Resident Evil 9

The Evolution of Terror: Unleashing Chris's Next Chapter in Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil 9's potential inclusion of Chris Redfield raises concerns about maintaining the series' horror roots amidst a desire for action Can the game strike the right balance?

Resident Evil 9 is most likely in development, although Capcom has not officially confirmed it yet. Given the huge success of the recent Resident Evil 4 remake and Resident Evil Village, it is reasonable to assume that the franchise will continue for years to come.

We are still unsure about the release date and the specific narrative and gameplay elements of Resident Evil 9. The previous main installment, Resident Evil Village, ended with many possibilities for the future of the story. Fans speculate that Chris Redfield will become the new protagonist, leading to questions about the series' identity in upcoming sequels.

Ethan Winters was the 'Everyman' Hero

The Evolution of Terror: Unleashing Chris's Next Chapter in Resident Evil 9

Ethan Winters, unlike the skilled secret agent Leon Kennedy, represented a more relatable and ordinary protagonist in the Resident Evil franchise. While characters like Leon, Chris, Jill, and Claire possessed weapons and combat training, Ethan relied solely on his intelligence and determination to survive.

This shift to a slower-paced and horror-focused game was well-received by both fans and critics, especially after the criticism aimed at the action-heavy nature of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. Ethan became the face of this rejuvenated horror style, but he has now been written out of the franchise following a shocking plot twist. With the confident and capable Chris taking the spotlight, there is concern that the renewed focus on horror in the series may be compromised.

Shifting Away From Action for Resident Evil 9

The Evolution of Terror: Unleashing Chris's Next Chapter in Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil Village's ending suggests that Chris Redfield will once again take on the role of the main character in a future game. Traditionally associated with action-based gameplay, Chris has been the face of the Resident Evil series, even briefly in the latest installment. However, it would be unfortunate for Resident Evil 9 to abandon the successful return to horror that the franchise has achieved.

Although Chris has a reputation for action-oriented gameplay, it is likely that Capcom recognizes that this approach may no longer be suitable. The Resident Evil series has evolved into a grittier and more grounded experience in recent years, a shift that even Chris cannot escape from. In Resident Evil Village, Chris is equipped with a wide variety of weapons, but a Chris-led Resident Evil 9 would need to prioritize survival horror elements and limit his access to such extensive weaponry.

To ensure the horror remains in the games featuring Ethan, it is essential to deprive Chris of his usual resources and comforts derived from his military expertise. The game should eliminate all his weapons and potentially immerse him in an environment where sheer force alone is insufficient for survival.

Taking inspiration from the House Beneviento level in Resident Evil Village, Chris could confront psychological perils rather than physical ones. The main idea is to subvert expectations and place Chris in an unnerving situation, unlike anything he has encountered before, transforming Resident Evil's most capable soldier into a sympathetic victim of circumstance.

Resident Evil 9 is rumored to be in development.